Photos taken on June 2017
  • Naturally Beautiful
  • This fresh faced 23 year-old beauty has a genuine personality, a warm smile, and loves what she does. This courtesan is the perfect girlfriend experience for even the most discerning of clients. With her lovely and silky hair, warm brown eyes, and smooth caramel skin skin, she’s the escort you’ll want to see again, and again, whenever you are in the Toronto area.

  • Age
    32DDD - 26 - 32
    West Indian Canadian
    Yes, noticable

  • Compliments to Angelica

    I had a wonderful time with Angelica.  She was open-minded to anything that I had to say that was of interest to me.  She was very amenable to most things that you might desire.  I very much look forward to seeing her again.

    I would like to say a very big thank you to Bridgitte for setting up my meeting with Angelica. I had looked at Angelica's pictures and to be honest I was wondering if the lady that would knock at my hotel room door would really look like the pictures. Well at 7pm sharp I heard the knock! As I opened the door I must say I was stunned at what stood before me. Angelica is quite simply beautiful. She looks better in person than her pictures. Her eyes are absolutely hypnotic!! We sat and chatted for a while before going for dinner and got to know each other a bit better. Then it was off for dinner. Angelica has to be one of the easiest persons to talk to and get to know it is just so hard to concentrate on anything when your looking at those eyes. LOL. As dinner was winding down it was Angelica who suggested that we head back to the room and get more comfortable. As we made our way up in the elevator I could hardly keep my thoughts together, all of a sudden Angelica leans in and gives me a really sweet kiss and a warm hug. This was truly a sign of what was approaching At 8am the next morning I said to Angelica that being with her was like been with someone that I knew before that she was so easy to talk to and made me totally at ease. It is very difficult to write reviews about ladies that you have long term meeting with because everyone just wants the gory details. All I can say is I am a better person for having met Angelica. I am walking today with a little more pep in my step. Yes I will repeat with Angelica. I just can't wait for the next time. thanks

    Angelica was sweet, funny, great to chat with which made me feel totally at ease. She's beautiful, has an outstanding body, and that smile!!! Will definitely repeat my next trip back to Toronto. She is every bit what I imagined from her photos!

    Bridgitte, Faith, & Cat, Again thank all of you involved in making the suggestions & arrangements for this evening. I appreciate your recommendations and all the work that goes into making the advance bookings. I had the pleasure to meet three very different yet all very wonderful young women tonight. Each of their outward unique beauty is obvious but perhaps what I enjoyed most was catching an initial glimpse of their true beauty which lies below the skin. Please note that Angelica, Aubrey, and Gigi are all three incredible people and that all three do incredibly well to represent Cupids. Just thought you should know. Thanks again