These are a number of questions that we are often asked at Cupid’s Escorts. We thought it would be a good idea to include these on our web site.

  • Can the escort and I have sex?

    No. As of December 6 2014, the Canadian government has made sexual consent between two adults who’ve exchanged money illegal.

  • Can I ask the escort if she’d be interested in having sex?

    No. Again, the Canadian government has outlawed sexual consent between two adults who’ve exchanged money. If you ask your escort for sex, she is required by her employment contract to decline. Being persistent will make her uncomfortable and could have you blacklisted from our agency.

  • Isn’t what consenting adults do in private their own business? Doesn’t it go that “the state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation”?

    You would think so but the federal government, as of December 6 2014, has decided the state does have business in the bedrooms of the nation. We are complying with that law.

  • Why are the photographs of the escorts clothed and show no nudity?

    As of December 6 2014, the Canadian government makes the advertisement of sexual services through an agency illegal, the purchase of sexual services illegal, and the sale of sexual services through an agency illegal. Nudity would imply Cupid’s Escorts offers sexual services, which we do not.

  • What can the Companion and I do?

    You can go out to dinner. If you wish to drink, you can share some wine from a bottle which is unopened at the beginning of your encounter. You can take a walk along the beach. You can have a date. You can gaze lovingly into each others’ eyes. You can stay in and cuddle, sharing stories and finding solace in each other’s arms in this difficult world. You can play cribbage or tiddlywinks. The government says you cannot have sex.

  • How can the government outlaw sexual consent between two adults?

    That is a legal question and one which is beyond the scope of our agency. While lawyers and academics are of the opinion the law is unconstitutional, Cupid’s Escorts always has and always will comply with all current laws.

  • But there is now a Liberal goivernment in power, doesn't that mean a more liberal law?

    Harper really screwed up Canada badly while he was our PM, it was really sad to see Canada go through that for ten years. We hope that our new Justice Minister will change the laws to something that gives rights to those who want to be in the adult industry and make this a safer place for all of us involved. But until those laws change there is no sex at Cupid's.

  • If you’re not an “escort agency”, why are you called “Cupid’s Escorts?”

    We’ve inherited the name from before December 6 2014, when sexual consent between two adults was legal in Canada.

  • I noticed another agency has ripped off your site, what's that about?

    Well, despite our efforts there seem to be some people who think that stealing content of ours to be moral and ethical. Don't be mistaken by our imitators, they are not Cupid's. Think of us as being the Gucci of the escorting world! Knock-offs and conterfits will never compare to the quality that you get at Cupid's Escorts.

  • Actually it seems a lot of agencies and even spas have stolen your content/layout over the years.

    Yes, you'll notice that one site even gone so far as to has lift several of our Cupid's employee testimonials onto their hiring page and use them as their own for marketing and recruitment purposes. Pretty sad, eh?

  • I am a newbie, what can I do to prepare for my first experience with an escort?

    Head over to our newbies page for tips to help you have an affair to remember.

  • Who do you recommend?

    We stand strongly behind all ladies we represent and cannot recommend one lady over another as it would not be fair to do so. We have exceedingly high standards in who we hire and represent, no matter who you choose, you will be very pleased with our service. Through finding out what you are seeking in a companion we can assess who would suit you best for a rendezvous.

  • Many of your ladies are always Fully Booked, how can I see them?

    The ladies schedules become available on Sunday afternoon and many clients book at that point. Should you wish to make a booking before the schedule becomes available to ensure you can see your preferred lady, you can send us an email with the date and times you are looking for and we can check their availability in advance for you.

  • Are the photos real?

    Yes they are! We work with a wonderful photographer who takes all of our Escort photo's, have a look at the style and background, all of the ladies are in the same studio and using the same furniture. Pretty hard to lift hundreds of photos of pretty girls in the exact same environment if the photos were not done by us.

  • Can you email a photograph of the ladies face?

    No we will not. We strive in being discreet but can assure you that we have high standards with whom we represent.

  • Do you keep my information?

    No we do not keep information unless you are a bad client.

  • Can I videotape my experience?

    Oh, F*ck no! Should you happen videotaped her, she is instructed to destroy all electronic devices in your suite. And then, you'll get the nastiest phone call of your life from Jillian. You'll be banned for life from using our services as well having us distribute your personal information within the industry so that no one will ever have deal with a maggot who thinks video taping is acceptable. Just ask this guy.

  • Are you serious?

    Absolutely. We take safety very seriously.

  • Will the lady come to my home or hotel?

    Yes, all Cupid's Escorts accommodate residential or hotel calls. We do not service motels.

  • What can I do to prepare for a lady from Cupid's to come over?

    Please be freshly showered and have an envelope ready for the lady with the requested donation.

  • What does the lady come dressed like?

    Cupid's ladies like to turn heads, not raise eyebrows when entering a hotel or condo building; they will be discreet and very well dressed but not to draw too much attention to themselves. We do take clothing requests if asked in advance, please call or email for details.

  • Do you accommodate dancers for stags?

    Sorry but no, we do not.

  • Can you arrange an incall?

    No, we cannot.

  • Are your prices inclusive?

    Yes. Tipping is always appreciated but never expected.

  • Do you accept credit cards?

    Not at this time.

  • How far in advance should I book?

    The ladies schedules vary week to week but we do our best to accommodate bookings up to several months in advance. Short notice is available but we ask you give us at least one hour to ensure a Cupid's Escort is able to come to your hotel or residence without being rushed.

  • I had a bad experience at another agency, how do I know that Cupid's will deliver?

    We have a reputation that is stellar in the Escort Service Industry. If you are not completely satisfied please let us know so we can rectify the situation immediately.

  • I am disabled, will this cause issue?

    Not at all. We won't shy away from what makes you unique and many of our ladies love seeing clients of varying abilities. Please do let us know at the time of booking. We have a list of the ladies who see clients here.

  • Can I use your agency as a reference with other providers?

    Yes, of course. The safety of everyone in this industry is something we strongly believe in. We only provide references if you have used our services within the past calendar year. Asking for a reference dating back to 1984 isn't fair to our colleagues.