Tips for your first experience

So you want to see a companion?

Well, you have already made the right choice by finding Cupid’s Escorts in Toronto. Here are some tips to prepare you before you see a lady, and some great ways to have an experience to remember.

  • Be a gentleman. If you remember only one rule, this is it.
  • Be clean. Good hygiene goes a long way, and makes up for the fact that you’re not Brad Pitt (although if you are Brad Pitt please ask for Jillian – the owner – to be your companion for the evening). If you can shower beforehand, do so. Use soap and water, not just water. Your date can tell – guaranteed. On a related vein, don’t be drunk or stoned, or otherwise acting like you’re on some street pharmaceutical.
  • Once the phone person tells you who is available, don’t insist on asking if someone else is. “Who’s available?” “Helga, Margi, Gretchen and Ruth are.” “OK, but is Judy or Trudy available?” Come on, you were just told!
  • Be clear about directions, street, address, hotel (if that’s what it is), and suite number. Don’t send her to the guy next door; he might just take your appointment. If you are staying in a hotel with various towers please let your friendly Team Cupid phone girl know which one.
  • When your companion arrives, let her have her space. Let her warm up first, take her coat off, and get a view of the surroundings.
  • Have the donation in an unsealed, unmarked envelope ready to hand to your date when you meet her. Additionally – and it’s not required – you might think about offering a little something. If it’s wine, it shouldn’t be opened until you meet her.
  • Expect her to call her agency or driver at the beginning (and end) of the appointment – or for them to call her at appropriate times. Don’t pressure her about it – she has to let Cupid’s Escorts know that she’s fine, that everything is okay, and they have to check on her safety too, at the appropriate time.
  • Don’t ask, “Is Helga really your name?”Are you really 25? and other inane questions like that. Don’t be nosy, don’t insist on knowing where the lady lives, how much money she makes, does she pay taxes, what kind of car she drives, and so on.
  • Don’t ask for the ladies personal phone number. This is not a dating service and it makes the ladies feel very awkward. This can also lead to Cupid’s no longer accepting your bookings so please refrain from doing so.
  • Don’t try to negotiate time. Asking her to stay an extra 15 minutes is really unfair to all of our staff and to anyone waiting to see the lady after you.
  • Please have a clean place! Tidy up before your lady comes to visit. Tripping on knickers isn’t nice!
  • Offer the lady a shower at the beginning and at the end.
  • Don’t ask her about her client list or how many guys she sees.
  • Try not to flip out at the girl if she is late. Many factors come into play when a Service Provider is late, and most of the time it is not entirely her fault. Toronto is a busy cosmopolitan city, we can’t control the traffic.
  • Relax and have a great time. You are in excellent hands when booking with Cupid’s Escorts of Toronto… An Affair to Remember!!!