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It was wonderful to meet Lea last night. She was completely engaging, she has a great sense of humour,  and is absolutely gorgeous and sexy. By the way, there is something so hot about looking up to a woman. Thank you Cupids for coming through once again!

compliments to Lea

Regarding my appointment with Giselle tonight, I can only say very positive words. She is extremely nice, polite and interesting. And of course she's hot. I had a great time with her and, for the second time after a previous appointment with Angelica some weeks ago, I feel very satisfied about the service provided by your agency.

compliments to Giselle

Please say thank you to Charlie. I had a wonderful time and I am so happy today 😉 LOL... She is all the way awesome. She is beautiful, sexy and perfect personality. I will repeat her as soon as I get a chance again. Thank you and best regards

compliments to Charlie

First, Cupid's Escorts is a first-class operation. This is the only place I can trust, globally.  Thank you for your hard work, dedication to detail, and dedication to compassion and quality.  I have never been disappointed.  Thank you.

compliments to Cupid’s

Ella,  WOW.  She is amazing.  It is literally like being with a physically perfect mischievous supernatural elf. A great physical package, strong, beautiful and passionate.  She has a great head on her shoulders.  She has compassion and empathy.  You were spot on with your recommendation. Thank you.  This is one of your best. Treasure her.

compliments to Ella

Valentina is a dynamo.  Her description is accurate and your recommendation is appreciated.  She is strongly Italian and very passionate.  It is like a summer thunderstorm.   Strong wind and rain then calm.  You need to be in top form to keep up.  She is strongest early and during the rain.

compliments to Valentina

Annika,  Is wonderful.  She makes you welcome.  I felt at home, she laughs and keeps up in conversation.  She is passionate and delightful.  It was spending the evening with an especially talented former lover.    I will think of her often and fondly.  There is no sadness here, just the happy memory that somewhere out there is someone who can make you feel special.

compliments to Annika

Claire,  She is  compassionate and beautiful.   She is competent and delightful.  A solid known quality.  The description is accurate. She is very skilled and has good endurance.  She needs the confidence to ask for breaks when required.  She has a beautiful face.  A wonderful women.

compliments to Claire

Just thought I would take the time to provide feedback on April. I had an amazing time with her, so much so that I wanted to take a moment to share that with you. I've met few people who could hold a conversation so well in addition to being exceptional at intimacy. She is a gem, and I thank you and the agency for having such a high quality addition to your group.

compliments to April

Had a blast with Brooke tonight .... she was GREAT!!!
Kudos to Brooke and Cupids!!!

compliments to Brooke
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