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There are four things that don’t come back to us and one of them is the neglected opportunity. With Beatrice, you can be with a Companion who is a little bit curious and who likes to experiment. Beatrice prefers the kind of Gentleman who is polite and can make eye contact. Now, you might be surprised by the eye contact thing, but that’s because you haven’t had the chance to sit across from this gorgeous Companion and find yourself becoming enchanted. When you get there: seize the opportunity.

Her favourites

European Canadian
Light brown
28B - 22 - 34
5’5” & 107 lbs
Piercing Area
For your

Compliments to Beatrice

She is an amazing young woman, full of energy, smarts and a laugh that melts you. I cannot for the next opportunity to see her again.
Beatrice has an energy about her that is electric. Totally aware, present and stunning.
Just want to say that I had two wonderful bookings with Beatrice. She is beyond this world and you guys are always reliable and professional. No. 1 in Toronto!
Another awesome evening - Beatrice is outstanding; smart, sweet, attentive and extremely charming. Can’t wait to see her again
Ok, so, wow.  I know I'm generally very positive about the ladies at your agency.  But Beatrice is another level - beautiful physically, intellectually, and in her demeanor.  I really enjoyed our hour together and will book for longer next time.  Frankly amazed she wasn't already fully booked forever.

Please let Beatrice know what fun it was getting to know her last evening. She's a beautiful, bright and inquisitive person. I hope I'll have the pleasure of her company again soon. And thanks to you as always for helping to make it happen.
It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Beatrice. I have seen her multiple times and every time she has exceeded expectations. She is an intelligent and genuine human being who makes sure that you have a good time. An absolutely fantastic addition to the cupids roster!
If you're looking to spend time with an endearing young woman, then that's what you'll get when you see Beatrice. A pleasurable evening was had and I look very forward to repeating!