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Carlisle is the type of Companion that Clients eagerly call to re- book soon as their latest encounter ends with her. Captivating you from the moment you meet, you are left wondering if your time with her was all just a fantastic dream. We assure you, it was real and so was she.

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Asian Canadian
Long black
32B - 23 - 32
5’3” & 105 lbs
Piercing Area
Ears, Belly
For your

Compliments to Carlisle

Thanks for setting up Carlisle last night.  She is a treasure.   Appreciate your help as always.
I wanted to say thanks for all these months since I first started booking with Carlisle. There are many fine ladies at Cupids as I have booked before I first met Carlisle. But there is this Something Special that escapes words for the Depth of Beauty She is In So Many Ways. I never thought I would continue to book with the same Goddess Carlisle - After all I'm 'only' a client and it's understood that we are just dating for some light hearted fun and enjoyment now and then. So why not discover other wonderful ladies? It's because there is no other like Carlisle. There is always something new about her with each date, she brings so much to each encounter. When one is eating at the finest 5 star restaurant on the planet that has an infinite menu (well maybe menu isn't the best analogy, smirk), why try to go find another restaurant when in so many ways it can't get any better than where you are. That is what Carlisle is. Once you know her, there never is a reason to consider another.
Hello Cupids Just wanted to say that Carlisle was amazing. She is a gem and I had the best time with her. Just a wonderful experience overall. I also wanted to say that your phone/email services are probably the best in the city. It has been so easy dealing with you guys, part of the reason I keep coming back haha. Thanks so much for being a standup agency. I really appreciate it. Hope you have a wonderful day!
Hello Bridgitte First of all thank you for arranging my meeting with Carlisle and of course your patience answering questions of a first time Cupids customer. Here it is, She arrived 5mins early. She was wearing mask but when she took it off I was speechless as she was stunningly hot and gorgeous IMHO as an Asian myself. I was nervous as hell, but she took her time to make me comfortable. Very natural, intimate and sensual She smells good, taste even better. Oh God, "her smell still lingers on me now" I immediately felt the good chemistry, the feeling like old high school friends catching up. I was fully satisfied and of course drained. Definitely a repeat in the future.
Thank you for booking me with Carlisle on short notice (Tuesday night). When I opened the door I was taken back by how strikingly beautiful she was! She looked better than the pictures on the website. Not only beautiful on the outside, but the inside as well. From her voice, her touch, her smell, her taste, just everything about her I can’t put into words. Our personalities gelled. I was able to be myself, which she found amusing. My core and legs are still sore! She did a number on me, though I did the same. My only regret was I booked 2 hours not 3. I’ll definitely be seeing her again. Thank you!!!
Bridgitte: I wanted to say thank you for arranging the meeting with Carlisle last night. She is remarkable - intelligent, beautiful and engaging.
Carlisle is poise, class, grace. Carlisle is intimate, sensual, unrushed. Carlisle is everything that Blake could have imagined when he wrote his immortal words: “To see the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower; to hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.” Carlisle is simply compelling.
Hi Faith and Bridgitte, I saw wonderful wonderful Carlisle again tonight! Is this the happiest time ever? Very possibly! She is just the best. I've been seeing her for several times now. It just gets better. It impresses me that still happens. Tell her she is wonderful! And thank you!
First, Carlisle was wonderful. I have seen her many times now. Tell her what she knows, but tell her again. Tell her she is beautiful in my discerning and unbiased eyes. (I have good taste.) She has great taste. (She will smile.) I love her style. It was such fun, and such a pleasure.
Hi there. Carlisle just left. What a wonderful woman. Classy, sexy, and funny in one beautiful combo. I’m so glad I was able to meet her and I can’t wait to see her again. Please thank her for me.
As always, everything about Cupids is top tier. Thanks for all your help.

Hey Bridgitte
Please thank Carlisle for a wonderful night. She is beyond beautiful.  Her smile is infectious and she may have the softest skin on the planet. She fit my expectations to a tee...and then proceeded to create new ones. Thank you.

Carlisle has just left, wow what a wonderful lovely young lady my time spent with her is definitely one for the memory books! Thank you very much for arranging our meeting at such short notice very much appreciated :)

Bridgitte, thank you so much for arranging me meeting with Carlisle this week.  It was so amazing to meet her and I look forward to next time already.
Thanks Cupids for another wonderful evening with Carlisle - as advertised she is the perfect combination of sexy and cute!
Best experience I've ever had at cupids and I've had many. Carlisle is a gem!
Carlisle was absolutely wonderful, as usual. In every way. What a smart and lovely and charming woman! And thank you for all your help. Perfect, as usual. Until next time (and only not soon enough).
I had an amazing time with an amazing lady . Thank you for arranging my evening with Carlisle, I really look forward to spending time with her again.
I don't normally give feedback but Carlisle was an absolute delight yesterday. I had such a great time. I just wanted to make sure you are aware what a fantastic person she is. I have never laughed so much in my life. My cheeks still hurt from my constant smiling.
At the same time, it is perfectly plain at every level of my being that she is a wonderful woman. She makes me declare, rather proudly "I love women."  She makes me write you again to declare *again how wonderful she is.  And how pretty, beautiful, smart, attractive, alluring, stylish, intoxicating. What a wonderful girl, temptress, interlocutor, wanton, goddess, woman.
They say one is not supposed to kiss and tell. But if I am still alive (it is hard to believe I am still in the real world)...I have to talk about it some. Wow!  Whoa! Holy &#!*! What just happened?? Ok, ok, let me say this in a more rational voice. And more reasonably. The usual things one is supposed to say are... Carlisle is wonderful, beautiful, gracious, elegant, charming, sexy, and talented, and smart. And a delight in every way to be with. What pleasures I may have given her (and I think I did), she gave back to me in so many many ways.
Carlisle is wonderfully fun. We had a good time together. She is incredibly smart and beautiful. Spent three hours, and every minute was memorable. I look forward to the next time I get to be with her.
Just had one of the most amazing times with Carlisle! She has a striking beauty to match her witty, funny and overall incredible personality!
Can you please pass on my warmest regards to Carlisle.  I didn't know what to expect, but the second Carlisle walked into the room, she immediately put me at ease.  It really was like reconnecting with a friend.  She has a fantastic charisma about her.  Not to mention her gorgeous looks.  Thanks for everything Cupids.
Carlisle gets 5 gold stars - instant connection and chemistry...she knocked it out of the park !  Memorable time with very athletic gorgeous spinner.