Classically Beautiful

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Her intoxicating looks will draw you in. Then, her light and infectious laugh will keep you entranced. When she looks at you with her deep brown eyes and says your name, you’ll ask her to say it again, and again, and again… Her movie star looks will make you think that all the people who are staring mistake her for a famous actress, but Darcy will only have eyes for you. This red carpet beauty effortlessly moves between dinner and drinks, to a sojourn in the South of France.

Her favourites

For your
Polish Canadian
Long brown
5’7” & 107 lbs

Compliments to Darcy

I would rarely say that a girl can be the full package... Darcy is that exception! She has mastered the art of entertainment, on both a personal and professional level! I had an amazing time with her. Such a fun lady!
Darcy was amazing in all regards. Just incredible.
Hi Bridgitte, I listen now to Corcovado by Getz and Gilbert. One of my favorites. “Quiet nights of quiet stars, quiet chords from my guitar.” This is perfectly like Darcy, or the mood she has left me in. What a lovely woman in so many ways! Please send her my thanks! And thanks to you and Melissa for setting it up.
Hi Bridgitte, Darcy was perfect in every way. She is beautiful, and it starts with her beautiful smile. She is fun to talk to, and one feels she could converse on almost any topic. And she is fun! Seriously, meeting her was perfect. She looked perfect in her long dress and her high heels. Very fashionable. I loved her smile, her skin, her tan. I loved her figure. Other memories: her hair, her ears, her nose, her fingers. Maybe she put a spell on me -- I loved everything about her, I think. She is very genuine, and fun to talk to. I mean...I did something or two, but wow, she made it so much fun! I was sad that it had to end, but I hope I will see her again soon. Very soon. Thank you so much for recommending her, and to you and Melissa for setting everything up.
I wanted to say how damn sweet, funny and sexy Darcy is. Thanks as always.