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Devyn has become a favourite Companion for a variety of reasons.   Her Clients will talk about the “slow burn” that happens on every date. The anticipation they feel before it’s time. The longing they feel after she’s gone. Devyn just has a way of bringing out those feelings in her Clients. Feelings that they may not be able to otherwise express, but when they’re with her, things become different. She is an escape from the realities that sometimes make life boring and makes each minute with her magical.

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Asian Canadian
Long black
4’11” & 90 lbs

Compliments to Devyn

Everything went splendidly! Devyn is a beautiful companion and was awesome to have! Thank you so much!
Hey Cupid's, Devyn is heaven. She captured my ears and eyes with hello, my mind when she spoke, and my heart with her tippy toe stretches. Thank you again for another wonderful afternoon!
Thank you for another wonderful experience.
Devyn just left.  Is it Tifanny’s that says good things come in small packages?  Cupid’s might wish to consider adopting this brand as well. Devyn is everything advertised & more!   What a smart, engaging, beautiful, sexy woman - I feel very fortunate to have spent time with her, even if it is 6+ months later than originally planned.
Cupid’s rocks, as does Devyn.

Devyn just left my place and I'm speechless. All the compliments are echoed 1000% (trying not to embellish). For my first time customer with Cupid's, I'm a customer for life and Devyn is my go to gal. I'm hooked. Please send her my regards that she is responsible for my ear to ear grin. She really knows how to make a guy feel special, gosh....
If you look at Toronto from far and wonder why is it the #1 in Canada, I am sure you will find a lot of factors. Must include Cupid as one major factor,, I am dead serious!! Let's keep it short (pun intended :) ) If and only if you have an exquisite taste, living life without seeing Devyn is a mistake
Devyn is an absolute dream, classy, smart and super sexy, will definitely be repeating!
Cupid’s Team,
Devyn’s stunning, intelligent, outgoing, beautiful, etc.  I hope I get another chance to see her again soon!  It’ll be a dreary winter until then...
Thanks again for all your help in setting this up! Can’t say enough about what a great team you are!
All the best,

Devyn is a petite firecracker and a pure joy to spend time with. She is beautiful, intelligent and has a bit of a naughty streak, when you first meet her, you wouldn't know that this is part of her personally. I will most certainly be booking her again and she is well on her way to being a legend in the making.

Hi just wanted to say I had a great time with Mia and Devyn!  Can’t believe I never thought of such a unique duo idea like an 1.5hr with Mia then having a “mystery girl” (Devyn) show up 1/2hr in was an amazing. I will definitely do that again!
Thank you for having the most beautiful and wonderful women.
Devyn is stunning, charming and overall amazing person.

I have traveled to four continents and have found one of the best treasures here. Devyn was very welcoming and it seemed that our time together would never end. The intensity and passion was beyond imagination. I ended up booking more time because it wasn’t enough. Truly a goddess to appreciate and cherish! 
From the moment she walked into the room, my understanding of beauty changed. Devyn is gorgeous beyond words and has a body I’ve previously only seen in my dreams. She’s got an incredible vibe and I was drawn to her immediately. I thought I’d be okay when she left after the hour, but I wasn’t. Ended up booking a second hour with her and I enjoyed it even more than the first.