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Let Farrah guide you through a world filled with style, culture, and fantasy. A lover of fine wines and cozy cashmere, Farrah is a connoisseur of comfort and luxury. As an experienced courtesan, Farrah’s open-minded views make her a favourite with Clients looking for a Companion to help them escape the stresses of the day to day.

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European Canadian
Long dark brown
5’2” & 108 lbs

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Compliments to Farrah

As always Cupid’s delivers! Farrah is a great combination of sexy, smart, and awesome personality!  A truly great experience!!
Just wanted to give feedback:  Farrah was awesome! She is a wonderful person and funny. Very down to earth and eager to please. It’s been a while I have met such wonderful person!
Thanks again.

Recently I saw a divine beauty.  Our evening was filled with simple pleasures and many memorable moments of euphoria.  I don’t believe I could see Farrah again soon enough.  Thanks Cupid.
Where does Cupids find girls like Farrah? Heaven?? Wherever it is...please keep it up! I thoroughly enjoyed every second I spent with her, from the time I met her trying to find to the entrance to the building (which is understandable due to the typical Toronto construction) until the time she kissed me goodbye and wished me a good night. I now have a better understanding why girls like her are always #FullyBooked
Hi Bridgitte;
After having spent a magical time with Farrah last weekend , I just had to send you a most sincere thank you for your recommendation. She is some kind of wonderful!
I also want to thank Farrah for the most exquisite and enthralling time ever - we shared a very special alchemy that will last long into the night until the next time that I am fortunate enough to experience the "Farrah effect" again.......   please send her my best !

Hi there, wanted to send some thanks to pass on to Farrah. From the moment she met me to the moment she left it was electrifying. Crazy hot woman with the naughtiest smile and killer body. We clicked instantly and I think it is fair to say both of us had a great time. Please let her know I had an outstanding experience. Thanks for helping make this trip one of my best...till next time!
Having met Farrah previously, I expected a great time with a wonderful young woman, but honestly our time together was far better than I'd even imagined. I actually had to apologize to her, as I'd forgotten how truly stunning she was! She remains the truest, best GFE I’ve ever met, and our repeat engagement was just as positive and playful as our previous. She is engaged, responsive and very generous and concerned with your needs. Farrah is an absolute treasure and I long to see her again.
I had an awesome time with Farrah last night. She’s a smart, witty, conversant, drop dead gorgeous, and, all around great person to be with. I feel truly lucky to have found such a wonderful person to spend time with. When you think about what best defines GFE, look no further as Farrah fully epitomizes that hands down!
Farrah was absolutely the truest, best GFE I’ve ever had the fortune of meeting. She literally had me at hello, when this stunning, petite beauty greeted me with a radiant smile I could feel down to my toes. She is just this perfect, positive, warm-hearted, genuine and playful person - in a perfectly stunning package to boot. And everything about our time together was... perfect. I am blessed and grateful for having met her.
Hi, I'd like to say that I had a date with Farrah last night, and she was amazing! A very open, intelligent conversationalist with a warm personality, our 3 hours together flew by. She's a stunning girl, both inside and out, and I can't wait to see her again!
Just want to pass along some comments about Farrah. I had an incredible time with her this evening. She is confident, sexy and can carry a conversation. I truly felt that we clicked and the chemistry made the date even better. This young woman is fantastic and I will be looking to book her again the next time I’m In town.
Farrah is amazing! What a beautiful young lady with a wonderful capacity for life.
I awake with a smile on my face after my evening with Farrah. She has an amazing personality, is beautiful, and fun. Next time, I will need more time. I hope she enjoyed as much as I did.
I really can't express enough what a good time I had with Farrah the other night.
Farrah was warm, engaging, charming and sexy as hell - a petite bundle of energy and fun fun fun! Can't wait for next time!!!!!!