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Poised and elegant are the just two of the words that come to mind when you meet Giselle. This Asian Canadian bombshell turns heads the moment she enters a room. Beyond her first impression, is a Companion full of delights and surprises and is the perfect plus one for any social occasion.

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Asian Canadian
Long brown
5’1” & 90 lbs

Compliments to Giselle

Thanks again for being able to arrange my meeting with Giselle...she is an absolute, intelligent, beautiful...a total package. The time flew by too quickly. Sorry to have to repeat myself, but Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to Cupids and the great who run it!
Just wanted to say thank you for arranging my time with Giselle - she is an AMAZING young woman! She is beautiful, smart, and has a great sense of humor! I booked two hours and wish I would have booked three! Thank you!
OMG I think I'm in love lol!! She's probably the coolest, most interesting girl I've ever met! I really hope she stays with Cupid's for a very long time.
Giselle just left and you must tell her she is wonderful and gorgeous and so womanly.  I babble.  Tell her now, please.  I am so happy I met her, that I want her to know that now.
Many thanks to you, Bridgitte, for recommending her and for setting it all up.

Giselle is fantastic. She's the kind of lady that you fall in love with at first meeting. Intelligent, kind and warm. Not to mention beautiful and skilled. Please pass on to her that, if I am not lucky enough to see her again, she has made me better for knowing her; And that I hope all her dreams come true.

I just had my appointment with Giselle and I would like to thank you for recommending this gem. Would you please let her know that I really enjoyed my (too short) time with her. The best appointment I ever had. What a sweet and nice person to talk with. I will call you back for sure as I come back here and will look to see her again.
Regarding my appointment with Giselle tonight, I can only say very positive words. She is extremely nice, polite and interesting. And of course she's hot. I had a great time with her and, for the second time after a previous appointment with Angelica some weeks ago, I feel very satisfied about the service provided by your agency.
Hi, Just want to say thank you. Had a great time with Giselle.   Can't wait for a 2nd date.  
I wish to express my appreciation to everyone involved in the booking process and follow up to the meeting time. Responses to my inquiries were always professional and prompt, making the booking process smooth and easy. As the booking time neared, I was kept well informed which is very helpful. A special note of appreciation to Bridgitte who worked patiently through a series of communications to ensure an arrangement was made to my satisfaction. Bridgitte seems to be tireless and is especially polite and thoughtful. Faith also is a first class person to work with, she is prompt and clear in her communications. Thank you - Bridgitte and Faith. I also extend special accolades to Kristina and Scarlett: Giselle is a wonderful person. She has an uncanny ability to just go with the flow and anticipate what to do next without any prompting on my part. Spending time with Giselle felt like spending time with a gorgeous long time close friend, very special! Upon first meeting Scarlett I was struck by her beautiful long flowing red hair and her delightful out loud laughter that causes you to smile. She has a precious sense of humor and sweet laughter is never far from the surface. Scarlett is very patient. Giselle and Scarlett are, each in their own special way, beautiful, dedicated and hard working, thanks so much!
Had a wonderful time with Giselle last weekend, a real gem! In addition to being beautiful and poised, she is very sophisticated and well educated, and I learned a lot!
I had a great time with Giselle and will definitely see her again when my schedule allows.
I very much enjoyed the time with Giselle. She is classy in the looks upon first impression, feminine in mannerism when introduced, gentle to the touch soon after, and erotic to the end. A wonderful female companion for a man!
That is one off my bucket list! We all met for the first time tonight, the girls had a lot of chemistry and we all had a lot of fun! I can't say it enough but Yuna and Giselle really showed me a great time! We already have plans made for dinner on the next get together! They are both great girls and a very fantastic duo!
Thanks so much for aligning this evening in such perfection!

Thanks again; Giselle is a delightful lady.
Last night I saw Giselle for our second date, I just have to say that I can not get enough of her. I always thought the first time would be more interesting but this time it was incredible!
Giselle is new to business and seems to enjoy it a lot. She is one of the sweetest girls that I have seen in the industry and makes every effort to please the customer.