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Eastern European Canadian
Long brown
5’2” & 105 lbs

Compliments to Hannah

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Hannah last night. Not only is she stunningly beautiful, she is very bright and has an engaging personality.  I wish I would have booked her for the entire night!  She is the epitome of the ideal Cupid girl and I hope to see her many more times in the future.

Thank you Cupid for sending Hannah. She is indeed a beautiful and a smart young lady. Hannah exceeded my expectations in all aspects. Already looking forward to seeing her again soon!
mart sexy confident. Knows what she wants. Can’t wait too see her again.     Soon.
I would like to thank Cupid and their amazing staff for giving me the opportunity to meet Hannah, it was very simple to set up the appointment. Hannah has this beauty that very few have, while definitely a girl next door, she also has this amazing confidence and demeanor that makes her just stand out. Hannah is engaging, surprisingly down to earth and very intelligent, She has this uncanny ability to just turn heads when she enters a room, I had observed this first hand when she arrived. Spending time with her was such an enjoyable event that I had lost any thought of my responsibilities, except my time with her. Hannah is like a wild mustang, she is such an elegant beauty, with the embodiment of free spirit. My adventure with Hannah will be a lasting memory and I cannot wait to have the pleasure of her company again
"Thank you for sending over Hannah. She is a sexy, supercharged bundle of energy, and I enjoyed every second with her."
Hannah has beauty and brains with a girl next door look and attitude. I hope she sticks around , A true Winner , Natural and Unassuming, Hannah could cater to any event and lighten anyones smile, male or female.
I just want to give thanks to Cupid, I had a really good time with Hannah the other night. It was second time to see this cute & sweet lady, and can’t wait to see her again.