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If you book a date with Jocelyn, we have three words for you: take your time. Playful, intelligent and sensual, Jocelyn never likes to be rushed. Jocelyn  adores exploring different sensations, dining out, stimulating conversations and being pampered in her own special way. Jocelyn’s favourite clients are respectful gentlemen who know how a lady should be treated, and will allow himself to be seduced. For your date, we actually have a few more words of advice: savour the moment and make it last.

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European Cdn
Long dark blonde
5’7” & 118 lbs

Compliments to Jocelyn

Jocelyn is a wonderful lady and it was great spending time with her. I look forward to seeing her again as soon as possible.
'Wow, Jocelyn is wonderful beautiful lady who is very personable and I had a great time. I enjoyed my time with her and cant wait to see her again sometime soon.
I had a blast of a time with Jocelyn. She genuinely saved my entire evening and I haven't had this much fun in a long long time. She's a genuine sweetheart and just the absolute best. Please pass on my regards to her and let.her know she's super cool. Thank you for sending her at such short notice. I really appreciate that from Cupid's!
wanted to take a moment to compliment Jocelyn. We had a wonderful evening and hit it off pretty much immediately talking about travels, culture and so much more. She strike the right balance between easy to connect with and mysterious. Add an once of spontaneity, a lot of giggles and she brings all the elements for a memorable encounter. Thank you again for setting up an amazing evening.
Saw Parker and Jocelyn this evening, both are stunning! Definitely repeating!
I wanted to thank you guys for setting up the appointment with Jocelyn. She is absolutely stunning and extremely easy to talk to. From the minute she walked in, to the second she walked out, I was in wonder and bewilderment of this highly intelligent and sensual woman. Counting down the days when I can see her again!
I got busy with work and completely forgot to thank you for setting up my date with Jocelyn. She was absolutely gorgeous and very personable. I had an amazing time with her and I cherished every moment that we spent together. Thank you to you and the Cupids team for this!
Jocelyn is a gorgeous, smart, sexy woman with a fabulous style. Stunning.
I just wanted to share my positive feed back on Jocelyn.  She’s really classy and trendy.  I enjoyed my meeting with her .  You as a team are doing a great job!