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A gift in human form, Layla’s beauty will have you feeling distracted at times. You may forget what you were saying, or lose your train of thought when she smiles, but not to worry; you can always start a new topic or suggest something else.

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Middle Eastern
34DD - 26 - 36
5’3” & 135 lbs

Compliments to Layla

Hi Bridgitte Thanks so much for arranging time tonight with Layla. She is one special lady. Despite the difference in our years we found so much common ground that I wanted to keep her all night. You, Jillian, and the entire Cupid’s team deserve high praise for premium customer service experience.
Layla was lovely. Smart, interesting, easy to talk to, passionate, fun!
On July 21st I was in Toronto for a Toronto Blue Jays game. I was fortunate to be able to schedule an appointment with Layla. She was an excellent companion. She was very accommodating with an awesome body and amazing skills.  She as easy to talk to with a great personality.  Next time I am in Toronto I hope she is available. I had a wonderful time with her.  Thank you Layla.
You probably get a lot of good reviews for Layla but want to say thank you for recommending Layla. She is truly amazing, sweet, caring as she wants to ensure you are having a great time, happy and pleased. She is easy to get a long with and to talk to, down to earth and really fun to be around. Also to me she is truly beauty, sexy, mature for her young age and a great personality. I can’t wait to she and spend time with her again as I had a great time with her and feel you can’t ask for anyone better to spend time with.

Thank you for arranging our date with Layla.
She was our most fun Cupid ev-ah!! Layla is sexy and sultry, but she's also playful, down-to-earth and super fun. We're looking forward to seeing her again soon.
Thanks, Layla. And thanks, Cupid's.

Had the pleasure of seeing Layla my first night in Toronto. She greatly exceeded my expectations. Her smile and charm put me at ease when we first met. She looked very stunning and was most accommodating to my needs. She made sure all my needs were taken care of. We both had a splendid date. When I’m back in Toronto, I would definitely love to see her again.
Layla was absolutely astonishing. She’s caring, bubbly and loves to please. She kept asking and exploring what I like and kept making an effort in making sure I’m having a great time which I really appreciated. In fact she gave me a massage the whole time were talking and that isn’t really common! She truly embodies the Cupids experience and I am very lucky to have met with her today. Thank you for organizing this memorable date.
Wanted to let you know that my time with Layla was incredible and memorable . Beautiful fine young lady with class, maturity and great outgoing personality . Really made me feel comfortable . Her passion was amazing next level then anything I have experienced . Had a beautiful face , soft skin , body very well maintained . There is no doubt I will be returning to Cupid when I’m back in town and will be booking Layla. I would highly recommend.