Raven Haired Beauty

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The perfect combination of youth mixed with old world charm, Noelle is an enchantress from what feels like another era. Time spent with Noelle truly feels like a gift and for many, it’s an unforgettable girlfriend experience. Show Noelle the world and make her your new travel companion.

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European Canadian
Long brown
34DDD - 26 - 36
5’0” & 115 lbs

Compliments to Noelle

Thank you for everything about Noelle, she is absolutely breathtaking in every way.
Noelle is literally the most amazing and hottest woman I’ve ever been with.  Please tell her this.  I will be back for more of her on my next trip!  WOW!

I found Noelle beautiful beyond words. She is impossibly stunning and utterly breathtaking. But more importantly, she is warm and easy to talk to. Impeccably dressed, sexy and sophisticated in black, she remained unpretentious and really set me at ease. I'd tell you about her easy smile, and how she smiles with her eyes, but that would only lead me back to how beautiful she is and I don't want to reduce my time with her to just her considerable physical appeal (but oh, my goodness she is incredible). Noelle will remain in your thoughts long after your time with her ends.
I just wanted to say my time with Noelle was truly enjoyable. I always trust your insight Jillian and, know in general I’m in good hands with Cupid’s. Noelle was warm, kind, and very connective. I think you know Jillian, I look for those kind of people and, those kinds of sessions. I found as she became even more comfortable things just flowed. She’s gorgeous of course. I was really struck though by her lack of pretension and, her overall warmth. That was an ideal return for me. I’d been missing much more than base gratification. Noelle gave me a bit of everything I was after. Great person first and foremost. Intuitive and real. Thanks so much!
Noelle is absolute perfection. I saw her the last time I was here and she was the first person I wanted to see upon my return. Perfect conversation. A total stunner.
Just want to thank you for all the hard working responding to my emails. Noelle was perfect, made my night😀 just wow. Thank you,
Send my regards to Noelle She was kinds, receptive and sometimes I felt like I was the guest. Thank you very much for this experience, it won't be one to forget.   Regards