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So many things can be said about Olivia: she’s charming, witty, realistic, gentle, and a perfectionist. That perfectionism means that Olivia is the kind of Companion who notices every detail and remembers every moment. She’ll remember how you take your coffee,more than a few of your favourite things, and use that to surprise you with new things to indulge in. When planning a date with Olivia make sure to make time to unwind, to bask in the moments, and create new and perfect memories.

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Long caramel
Dark brown
5’2” & 100 lbs

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Compliments to Olivia

I just had an amazing time with Olivia. She is such a remarkable woman!!!! If I could stop time everytime I spend time with her because she is just someone with a beautiful soul and I can get lost in the presence of her company. Please let her know how much I enjoyed her company.
Just wanted to let you know I had a wonderful time with Olivia Tuesday. She’s a lovely lady.
Olivia was lovely - I really enjoyed meeting her and she is an absolute delight.
Please let Olivia know let her know much I enjoyed my time with her. She's such an amazing person, and one of the most amazing women I have ever met.
Was an absolutely delightful companion for the evening, gorgeous, sexy, and sophisticated. Will be seeing her again soon!
Olivia is that type of lady that mesmerizes you on dates and that is what happened on my evenings with her. She is stunning ,sweet, down to earth and that of elegance when need be . To me though, my time with her was breathtaking and she captivates you in every way, and she makes you feel at ease in every way. My time with her was amazing and can't wait to see her again .
I just want to let you know that I had an amazing time with Olivia. She is one of the most amazing, sweetest, and kindest women I have ever met. If you can please convey to Olivia how grateful I am for having time spent with her.
If you can kindly pass my compliments to Olivia. I am left speechless as she is too beautiful to describe for words !!! Olivia is so enchanting that she has left me captivated. Seeing her always reminds me of Lord Byron's famous poem "She walks in beauty" as one can envision Olivia as the woman in the poem.
Olivia is the epitome of class, grace, and sincerity. In addition to her beauty and elegance, she is someone with a beautiful soul whose genuineness and sincerity leaves you in a blissful state. As such, one should always value those ecstatic moments when in her company. If you can pass my commendations to her please.
Thank you again Cupid's for always arranging a seamless booking with Olivia.

This was my second booking with her, and I booked her for a longer session because she left a memorable impression during my first encounter. The moment you are in her presence, she can captivate you with her smile and persona. She has a warm laugh that puts you at ease, and her eyes - one could get lost looking into her hypnotic eyes, while hearing her warm and infectious laugh leaves you in a euphoria. I look forward to booking another session with her again. If you can kindly pass my compliments. Thank you again Cupid's for making a smooth booking with Olivia.
Long overdue review for a beautiful lady Olivia at Cupid’s to me is one of my favs, I’ve seen her numerous times and I’m not one to repeat unless they are awesome. she is a knock out physically and just as great hanging out with, I tend to book multi hours and like to enjoy a good time with food and drink prior To “dessert”. For me she checks all the boxes for a great night spent and hope the guys treat her well
She is an exquisite woman. This was my first experience booking with an agency, and I have to say - she is a delight to spend time with. Thank you for making my first experience a very memorable one. Olivia is intelligent, empathetic, and so easy to talk to. Aside from her stunning beauty, her warmth and enthusiasm helped ease my nervousness. It was an amazing experience to have spent time with her. I regret not having booked a longer session.
Thank you for the opportunity to see Olivia
I had an amazing time and hope she did as well!!
Fun, flirty, and oh so sexy!  Can't wait to see her again!!