Italian Vixen

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Sexy, sensual, and passionate, Valentina is a force of nature that Clients request when they want an enhanced girlfriend experience. A fabulous Companion for just about any occasion, this experienced Courtesan will leave you breathless and wanting more.

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Italian Canadian
Dark brown
32D - 24 - 36
5’2” & 115 lbs

Compliments to Valentina

Valentina was absolutely amazing. A truly sensual and sexual person. She was radiant when I met her tonight and exudes positive energy but somehow, still remains mysterious. Cupids is definitely lucky to have her and I was the luckiest of them all tonight.
Valentina is a dynamo.  Her description is accurate and your recommendation is appreciated.  She is strongly Italian and very passionate.  It is like a summer thunderstorm.   Strong wind and rain then calm.  You need to be in top form to keep up.  She is strongest early and during the rain.
As always, thank you so much, Valentina was fantastic.   I can't wait for my next business trip to Toronto so I can see her again.
Valentina was amazing. We really clicked and she's a very sweet but passionate woman.
I have seen my fair share of women over the year. So when I saw Valentina last night I had a idea how the evening would go. I didn’t expect what actually happened. Valentina gave me an amazing evening. She somehow knew exactly what I love to do. I will definitely see her for 5 hours next time I am in Toronto.
Valentina is a great gal! Awesome personality and sizzling hot as always!
Hi Bridgitte,
Last night was a fantastic evening and sure it is no secrete that Valentina is wonderful! She exceeded all expectations with brains, beauty, and class. Her ability to forge personal relationships is amazing. She has a very good heart and caring in every way. To me she could be the face of your organization and a model to high standards and excellence. In life she capable at high achievement of just about anything she chooses. Glad she spent the eve with me.

I just enjoyed a truly amazing hour with Valentina tonight so I wanted to say 'thank you'! She is very easy to talk to and even easier on the eyes! She read what I wanted very well and was just the right amount of aggressive. I really enjoyed my time with her and will definitely re-book when I'm back in Toronto.

I just wanted to say what a great time I had with Valentina this evening...she's a true gem.
I wanted to tell you that I had the honor of meeting Valentina last night and she was a true joy to meet and spend time with.  She is a wonderful person full of life and is so interactive to talk with that I felt that I have known her for years.
In the world today all we ever hear is the bad things or only get complaints.  I would like you to know that she is a wonderful warm and friendly lady that is a true credit to your service.  I  will her see her again.  You truly have a elite service and outstanding people this includes both Faith and Bridgitte that made booking easy and efficient.
Please pass along my appreciation.  I look forward to speaking with your service soon.

Just wanted to thank you again for allowing Valentina and myself to meet, the other night. She was amazing! Very passionate, classy and she had a great personality. Can't wait to see her again! Sorry it took so long to email you, but I needed the time to recover and collect my thoughts...
Thanks Bridgette. By the way... I don't really do reviews, but I wanted to tell you that Valentina was perhaps the best experience I have ever had with your agency. She was sweet, sexy and pretty much perfect in every way.
Jillian, just wanted to drop you a line. I had an amazing time with Valentina on Friday evening. She is truly an amazing woman. Two Italians, together in one room made for some interesting conversation. Lol! She’s a gem! I can’t wait to see her again. As usual Cupid’s never disappoints.
Thank you Cupids, Valentina left me speechless, from the time she walked in and from the time she left, by far the most amazing woman I've had the pleasure of spending time with, you'll never hear me complain about my early morning working days, thinking of picking up extra hours, so I can see her on a weekly bases, she far exceeded my expectations, I will forever have her embedded in my thoughts, thanks again.
"When reality is far better than your dreams..." I just want to share with you the story of a very lucky!! I had the great fortune of being able to meet Valentina a couple nights ago. I could go on and on about her smoldering sexiness, but I have to tell you it was incredible to meet a woman who is as beautiful as she is smart. She was an absolute treat to spend time with!! I've already booked my next rendezvous in a few weeks when back in Toronto with this beautiful lady. Here's to me living the dream again and again and again... :)
I saw the lovely and talented Valentina this week. The hour just sped away way too fast. She made me laugh and feel like I was amazing when it was really her. Thanks Valentina for an experience to remember.
I have officially renamed the Sun. From now on I will call it Valentina. And I will forever be grateful to the force that caused it to rise in my life: Bridgitte.
Valentina just left and what a wonderful time with a beautiful and bubbly lady. From the moment she arrived dressed to the nines to the moment she left she had me captivated. Where do you find these stunning women.
Hi Jillian! I am trying to express how captivating Valentina is but there are not sufficient words to  explain what my time with her is like.  This was the second time I have booked her and  when she is with me, she makes me feel like there is no other place on earth I want to be.  The 2 hours I spent with Valentina was nothing short of spectacular. Her beauty is undeniable but it is her personality that draws me in. Valentina was able to be exactly what I needed her to be without me having to ask. Thank you so much Valentina, I am already looking forward to seeing you again soon.
Hi Jillian, Just want to let you know your description of Valentina " high-energy" is bang on! This petite attractive woman with incredible Kardashian curves is a" fire cracker." Amazing personality, outstanding service.