A Vacation With No Strings Attached

Posted on 2018.12.03

A booking away in Mykonos for a week. Who knew that this would be the exact vacation I needed? You did. Thank you my darling. You are just what the doctor ordered!

We met up at the airport. You approached me in the lounge, bought me a drink, and talked about what we hoped would happen during our trip. I loved the itinerary you came up with! I was so excited about playing in the sun that I made sure to bring a new poolside outfit for every day we’re here but I didn’t tell you that. I was out late the night before so I tried to sleep a little on the plane, waking up just as we were landing.

I figured we wouldn’t be getting much sleep on this trip, so I have to get it in when I can…

The pool. The pool was the second best thing about this trip! As I adjusted the straps on my bikini bottoms, and catch you looking at me with a smile…you’ve caught on to my outfit changes. That’s what I like about you so much: you notice and appreciate the effort and these little details. When this vacation is over, we can go back to our separate lives, but right now, we’re here together and there is no place I would have rather be.

This trip has brought out your adventurous side – the one you didn’t even know you had! Our dates back home have always been sweet and romantic. But here, I don’t know if it’s the Mediterranean air, the people, or the sun, but I really like this side of you. Hopefully you’ll bring it out more often when we get back home.

Or, we can just keep going on vacations together. What is it that they say? What happens in…stays in? I can’t remember. I’m lying here on the bed thinking back on day three, and it’s all so wonderfully hazy; like a dream. I remember looking over at you and thinking this adventure is real. It was right around then that a member of the staff came over to remind us that our massages were about to begin. Mmmmmmm. After yesterday’s adventures I need to be pampered just a little bit more. Before we even got to the massage I was thinking about the nap we’d have after and hoping that we’d wake up in time for dinner.

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Photo by Pixabay

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