Movie Review: The Truth About Webcam Girls

Posted on 2014.10.09

In this British documentary, three webcam girls open up about why they chose to be in the webcamming business and how it effects their day-to-day lives. Webcamming in this sense is a form of provocative voyeurism. Men can log into chat rooms and pay women to live stream their sexual fantasies on the internet.

Unlike porn, the women have control over their interactions and image, and unlike escorting, there is no physical contact, but webcamming has components of both industries with girls creating relationships with customers to satisfy their needs while broadcasting their most intimate moments.

The documentary focuses on the careers of Sammie, a 25 year-old former porn star; Olivia, a 21 year-old aspiring glamour model; and Carla, a 24 year-old porn star who does webcamming in her spare time.

Each girl has a complex relationship with their job and their feelings about the ins and outs of the business are strong. On one hand, they make excellent money charging sometimes up to £3.50 a minute for their services and they have the convenience of working at home. On the other, they normally have to work nights, which can damage their social lives, and they find it difficult to maintain normal romantic relationships once men find out what they do for a living.

Judgement on these women is harsh and they and their partners can be looked down upon by critics who don’t see the sex industry as a legitimate business.

Sammie works twelve hour shifts to try and make as much as she can so she can pay for college. She wants to leave the sex industry behind her and go to school full-time. She’s the only girl in the documentary who is in a relationship.  Although most of her clients are men, Sammie is actually a lesbian, and lives with her girlfriend who sometimes watches her work. webcamgirl

Olivia has spent £5,000 on cosmetic plastic surgery and works round the clock to support her dreams of becoming a glamour model. Her webcamming business has brought her a fan base and she does what she can to make them happy as she hopes they’ll follow her career as it changes and grows.


Carla has always wanted to be in porn and loves her work. Webcamming is something she does in her spare time and it helps her market her porn career. Doing everyday tasks like cooking her dinner or playing on her Xbox in lingerie is how she brings customers in, and once they feel a connection with her they want to stay.

sexy webcam girl plays videogames

All of them have a unique story to tell about a newer part of the adult industry and their thoughts about the business will make you think about where the future of webcamming and paid-for fantasy will lead.

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