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Poised yet passionate, Aria will make you feel at ease the moment you say hello. Aria loves to guide Clients through life’s delights and make each encounter a new experience. Accept the invitation into her world and you will soon learn why it’s so hard to leave.

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Asian Canadian
Long blonde
5’0” & 98 lbs

Compliments to Aria

Aria is just such an amazing person. So amazing to see her again. She’s so kind, open, attentive and I mean sexy is the understatement of the century. Just can’t say enough about how much I enjoy her company and how sorry I am to see her go when she’s got to leave. Aria, simply, rocks.
I wanted to say thank you for booking Aria with me last night. It's beyond words to say how much she was able to touch my heart and soul by simply being who she is. She is such a Goddess of Sensuality, she simply melts my heart. There is no gift on this planet that I could find to give her in return in appreciation.
Aria. Incredible. Fun, chill, sexy. I swear, reaching the end of our time together was total heartbreak. I’m not inexperienced by a long shot, but spending time with Aria is like being in high school and spending time with the coolest girl in school. It’s an ego trip beyond compare. I cannot wait to see her again!
Thank you, Cupid’s. You're the best. And don’t ever let Aria go!!

Aria was an amazing breath of fresh air. Intelligent, beautiful, bubbly- the whole package. I can’t wait to see her again.
Thank you and especially Aria for my first Cupid’s experience this afternoon. Aria is a beautiful smart young woman, incredibly easy to speak with and just a joy to be with.
Well, I don’t know how such amazing women find their way to Cupid’s, but I had a fantastic time with Aria. Pretty, smart, engaging and so super chill. I really regretted seeing her go, because I so much liked hanging out with her!
Thanks once again. Just incredible experiences with Cupid’s and with Aria.

Saw Aria last week and had a super fun time. She is intelligent and fun and just easy going. I really had a good time talking with her. That's one smart, sexy girl. Thank you for arranging the meeting. Hope to see her again.
Hello Bridgitte I just wanted to let you know that the time I spent with Aria and Annika on the 22nd was fantastic, and that by far, cupids is the best agency that I have ever seen.
(Being with her is) Like being with the hostess girl in college. She showed up in a very smart, simple stylish outfit. Her face is angelic and her petite, fit body is amazing. She has a fun and addictive personality and the service is a ten plus.
I was extremely nervous but from the get go Aria offered me comfort and understanding. She was the epitome of grace and dignity, and I sincerely enjoyed our talks. Exuberant and intelligent, and without a doubt one of the most beautiful women I have ever laid my eyes on.
She gave me more comfort and confidence than I think she even understands and I hope to one day return and spend more time with her. Until then sushi and a mojito will always be a fond memory which I will gladly cherish.

Please tell Aria thank you. She was lovely and sweet.
This young lady is a wonderful treat, who’s curious, intelligent and full of youthful exuberance. The hour with Aria was a delightful pleasure at the end of a long day. Thank you Aria, hope to connect next time I’m in Toronto.