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Cupid’s Escorts leads the way in world-class companions by introducing the conversation of desire and having the last word in discretion. Come, speak with us about your fantasies. We’ll make sure your experience is a tantalizing and up-scale pleasure that you’ll want to return to.

Cupid’s Escorts was established in 2001 to bring the best companions to the discerning clients of Toronto, Ontario. Now, as the number one agency in the city, its companions entertain clients from across the globe. Gentlemen destined for Toronto are destined to want Cupid’s taking care of their needs.

Let the world fall away as you enjoy the company of a beautiful woman. Don’t worry about the details, Madame Jillian Hollander’s dedicated staff will take care of the arrangements. All you have to do is start the conversation. Book online, by phone, or email today, tell us who you desire, and we’ll compose your rendezvous.

Cupid’s upholds the highest standards for its clients and its companions. The companions will treat you with every respect because they are treated with respect by Cupid’s. Our client testimonials can attest to this, as well as their beauty, skill, and discretion.

Jillian Hollander

Jillian Hollander
Owner of Cupid’s Escorts
I had an amazing time with Sienna! Can’t wait to see her again.

Compliments to Sienna
All it can say is WOW! Cynthia is the complete package - stunningly gorgeous, sensual and a great attitude. She took good care of me tonight. I'll be smiling for the rest of the week.

Compliments to Cynthia
I had the pleasure of spending a few wonderful hours with gorgeous, smart, wise, serene, sensual, kind-hearted Sienna, and hope to be able to see her again soon. Flesh means little without spirit. Sienna is a lovely lady and a beautiful soul.

Compliments to Sienna
(N)ice (A)mazing (R)espectful (A)stonishing

Compliments to Nara
Claudia is gorgeous. A real knockout. She's also an exceptional person.  Now it's true that the Companions I've met to date have been beautiful, poised, charming, etc  But Claudia is in a league of her own: warm, sweet, urbane, attentive, spontaneous,  genuinely interesting, highly (and I mean highly) intelligent, and so skilled a conversationalist that if it hadn't been for the previously noted gorgeousness, I would have spent the entire evening cheerfully lost in talk with her. Note that I write this as someone who has a regrettable tendency to find even nice people tiresome. A warning to prospective clients might be in order. Perhaps something like: Patrons should be alerted to the likelihood that after meeting Claudia, other people, however and wherever encountered, may begin to appear insipid by comparison? Unless I have a life-alerting confrontation with a speeding truck, I'll be booking again very soon. Thank you for everything.

Compliments to Claudia
Thank you to everyone at Cupid’s, I want to especially thank Bridgitte for organizing everything and making my night special. Parker and Tatiana were great and made my night magical. They both understood my health situation and were fantastic!

Compliments to 0
Once again, all is right with the world! Raquel was literally impressive and personally uplifting. Yes, the service was stellar’s much more. From hello I knew I was in the presence of care. I was at ease immediately. Raquel is genuine, insightful and was immediately in tune with me somehow. This is an instance where it’s about so much more than base gratification.

Compliments to Raquel
Gisele was amazing last night! Thank you! It was like reconnecting with an old girlfriend, great conversation, connection, and chemistry. Great time with an amazing lady!

Compliments to Gisele
I just want to say that Tatum, was a pleasure to spend time with. She is sexy, she is awesome to speak with and has a glowing personality. She definitely brightened up my day and my week.

Compliments to Tatum
Thanks for setting the date up with Aria! I had a great time, it was honestly a perfect 10/10 experience. Amazing personality, easy to connect with and beautiful!

Compliments to Aria

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