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Cupid’s Escorts leads the way in world-class companions by introducing the conversation of desire and having the last word in discretion. Come, speak with us about your fantasies. We’ll make sure your experience is a tantalizing and up-scale pleasure that you’ll want to return to.

Cupid’s Escorts was established in 2001 to bring the best companions to the discerning clients of Toronto, Ontario. Now, as the number one agency in the city, its companions entertain clients from across the globe. Gentlemen destined for Toronto are destined to want Cupid’s taking care of their needs.

Let the world fall away as you enjoy the company of a beautiful woman. Don’t worry about the details, Madame Jillian Hollander’s dedicated staff will take care of the arrangements. All you have to do is start the conversation. Book online, by phone, or email today, tell us who you desire, and we’ll compose your rendezvous.

Cupid’s upholds the highest standards for its clients and its companions. The companions will treat you with every respect because they are treated with respect by Cupid’s. Our client testimonials can attest to this, as well as their beauty, skill, and discretion.

Jillian Hollander

Jillian Hollander
Owner of Cupid’s Escorts
Just wanted to let you know Bria was a delight. What I would consider an absolutely perfect session

Compliments to Bria
Hello. Just wanted to let you know that Rowan is one of the most beautiful and charming people I have ever met. She is a gem and I look forward to seeing her again.

Compliments to Rowan
I had a wonderful time with Mariah. She is a great dinner companion and conversationalist. A beauty both inside and out. A real gem!

Compliments to Mariah
Good Morning Cupids Wanted to let you know what a wonderful time I had with Isys last evening. She is a delight to be with: smart, passionate, charming, fascinating and as Shakespeare said, fierce! So glad to get the chance to know her. I hope to see her again soon. Cheers

Compliments to Isys
I saw Ivy a few weeks ago and just wanted to let you know that I had a great experience. Although I was only able to spend a short time with Ivy she left me with some memories that will stay with me for awhile. Hard to believe that someone so innocent and sweet looking can be so naughty! Her adventurous spirit and her drive to make some of her goals in life come true made her even more attractive. Ivy literally left me breathless and wanting more. You might want to warn anyone booking Ivy that they might find themselves falling in love. This girl is going to break a lot of hearts - in a good way of course. What a heart breaker! Until next time.

Compliments to Ivy
I just want to let you know last night's date with Ivy was a wonderful experience. She is genuinely an amazing girl. A total package! I am so glad we were able to find a time and date to make it happen. Thank you for all your hard work with setting up the date.

Compliments to Ivy
Wow. Where did you find Ivy. One of the most amazing young ladies I've ever met. She is totally incredible. Thanks so much Bridgitte. You guys knock it out of the park.

Compliments to Ivy
Ok thank you Bridgitte for all your help! I just wanted to express any gratitude for a fantastic evening with Naomi last night. She is a true gem! I couldn’t have asked for a better personality to connect with on so many levels. She’s bright, beautiful and extremely passionate. Just as the doctor ordered.

Compliments to Naomi
Naomi just left and I'm finding it hard to express how lovely it was to spend time with her. She was so damn sweet to me. Sexy, funny, intimate and passionate. A beautiful woman. Thanks as Always,

Compliments to Naomi
"Ladies, you know every time I have used your agency I have always thought how could it get even better. Well seeing and experiencing Rachel it is no different. What an incredible woman she is, gorgeous intelligent down to earth and so sexy. The bar is raised higher every time and I am so fortunate to be a part of it. Rachel is everything I wish a lady to be. Thanks for letting me into her life if even for a short time. "

Compliments to Rachel

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