Drop Dead Gorgeous

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Let Katrina guide you through a world filled with style, culture, and fantasy. A lover of fine wines and cozy cashmere, Katrina is a connoisseur of comfort and luxury. As an experienced courtesan, Katrina’s open-minded views make her a favourite with Clients looking for a Companion to help them escape the stresses of the day to day.


For your
Thai Canadian
32A - 22 - 32
5’8” & 110 lbs

Compliments to Katrina

She may be the hottest, sexiest woman I have ever meet. Absolutely gorgeous face. Perfect body and skin. Her smile is just mesmerizing. I have seen providers in many cities in the US and Canada. My time with Katrina as the best I have ever had.
Katrina is a beautiful girl and a wonderful human being. Thank you so much for what you do. Despite the challenging work during the day this has been the trip of a lifetime. Many thanks to Katrina and all who support her. See you next time I’m here
I was referred to Katrina by one of the other Cupid's who I trusted, and her beauty inside and out is something to behold. She sensed that I needed her to take some initiative due to my own anxiety, and I feel like I came away from the experience a new man.
I only experienced grace and confidence from her through out the night, and despite ending at what I thought would be a sufficient amount of time, I was surprised to note how it still never felt enough.
I will always remember our quiet conversations about purple hair after she properly schooled me in applied biology.

Please thank Katrina for her time yesterday. We had a great time. She is smart and beautiful inside and out. There is no doubt that I will see her again. Very creative with her body and mind.
Katrina was so nice and sweet. I had a very nice time with her.
Thank you!
I will definitely call for her again when I’m back in Toronto.

Katrina is a true rarity.  Exotic, super-model looks, with fresh girl-next-door attitude.  Toronto is so lucky to have this gem.  I will have to make plans to visit just to see her.  Please be kind and generous to her...
I have seen Katrina and i think she is the best looking Cupid in quite a few years!