Being a gentleman never goes out of fashion.

Someone wise
Courtesy is as much a mark of a gentleman as courage.

Theodore Roosevelt


So you want to see a Cupid’s companion?

You’ve either thought about it for some time, or have made a spur of the moment decision to indulge in one of your fantasies: to spend time with a beautiful and vivacious Companion. The fantasy in your mind lasts for only a few hours, or maybe it happens to revolve around a lost weekend. Perhaps you’re finally taking that long overdue vacation and would love to have someone with you to enjoy it with. If you’re reading this, then you’ve already come to the right place.

At Cupid’s Escorts, our experienced team of Companions and Representatives can help you plan your dream encounter. We can take the guesswork out of planning and leave you to truly enjoy what is most important: making the fantasy real.

Below are some tips to help us help you:

Tips for your first experience
  • Be a gentleman. If you remember only one rule, this is it.
  • Our Companions are always appropriately attired and are strong believers in personal care and hygiene. We ask that you extend the same courtesy to them. Offer the lady a shower at the beginning and at the end, and please make sure that she is welcomed into a clean and tidy Environment.
  • While you may wish to enjoy a drink or two with your Companion, we ask that you refrain from excessive drinking either before or during your encounter. We also forbid and do not engage in the use of non-prescription drugs or the abuse of prescription drugs. For everyone’s safety and enjoyment, we have the right to cancel an appointment if we suspect you are under the influence.
  • Please respect the time and availability of our Companions. Weekly schedules are posted each Sunday afternoon, and the availability listed online is up to the moment. If you’re not able to view our Portfolio online, we can provide you with a list of available Companions when you call in. In the interest of fairness, we cannot switch out or swap appointments.
  • Be clear about directions, street, address, hotel (if that’s what it is), and suite number. If the property has multiple buildings (e.g. East vs. West Tower) or has multiple entrances (e.g. Gate 38), please specify this at the time of booking to reduce delays.
  • When your Companion arrives, please allow her some time to settle in. Let her warm up first, take her coat off, and get a view of the surroundings.
  • Have the donation in an unsealed, unmarked envelope ready to hand to your Companion when you meet her. Additionally – and it’s not required – you might think about offering a little something. If it’s wine, it shouldn’t be opened until you meet her. Please note, a Companion may choose not to drink any alcohol during your engagement and has the right to refuse any offers.
  • Expect our Companion to call in to the Agency or to the Driver at the beginning (and end) of the appointment – or for them to call her at appropriate times. Don’t pressure her about it – it is our policy that all Companions check at the appropriate times during your encounter and a gentleman never takes offense.
  • You are entering a world of fantasy. Please refrain from asking for specific details about your Companion – i.e.
    real name, personal address, phone number, age, or proof of any such thing. Please do not inquire about her other Clients or for any specific details about Cupid’s escorts. Not only does this ruin the fantasy for you both, but it can result in you being placed on our blacklist and prevented from any future bookings.
  • Don’t try to negotiate time. Asking her to stay an extra 15 minutes is really unfair to all of our staff and to anyone who has also reserved time with our Companion.
  • We strive to schedule our Companions in a reasonable manner so that time with you is never rushed, delayed, or shortened. We try to plan for things like traffic or weather delays, but sometimes these things are out of our control. In the event of a delay such as this, we will notify you right away.
  • Most importantly: relax and have a great time. You have now entered into a world of elite fantasy. It may be your first time, but we doubt it will be your last!

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