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Felicity is a bit of a traditionalist. She enjoys a classic life, focuses on style over fashion, and prefers to spend time with Gentlemen who have good manners. Felicity loves to share stories with people and learn about their personal histories. While Felicity is proud of having high standards, she has no problem helping a client find their best selves and rise to any occasion.

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European Canadian
Light brown
34DD - 26 - 38
5’4” & 126 lbs

Compliments to Felicity

My 3 hours with Felicity went by in a flash. Felicity is entrancing - not only ravishing but warm, kind, funny, considerate, very smart, playful, down-to-earth, and so much else besides....and those hypnotic eyes...and the radiance of her smile...Stunning as she is, she's so interesting and much fun to talk to that I could easily have spent the whole evening in conversation...I'm just now 'recovering' from the state of euphoric imbecility resulting from my time with her -- I seem to have lost the ability to do much more than utter an endless series of 'OMGs!' and 'WOWs! I'll be booking again as soon as circumstances allow. Thank you again for arranging a memorable experience.
Dear Cupid's,
I hesitate to write these few words about Felicity because no mere description can come close to conveying how truly wonderful she is. She combines exceptional, flawless beauty with high intelligence, sensual grace, effortless affability, and a natural refinement which seems strikingly out of place in our debased, vulgarity-saturated times. Elegance in the abstract isn't a quality I'm in the habit of putting at the top of my values, but as Felicity embodies it, not only in attire but in demeanor, and blending as it does in her with a perfectly sweet, engaging, and unassuming manner, it has an irresistible power to captivate.
Felicity is a pure delight.  Meeting her left me elated for days. This was, to put it mildly, not at all what I had expected. It's hard to imagine anyone not falling under her (entirely benign) spell.

Thank you for coordinating my booking with Felicity yesterday. She was a sweetheart and I had an amazing time with her. Will definitely meet with Felicity again in the near future.
A quick note of praise for Felicity. I saw her Tuesday evening…What a smile! I highly recommend Felicity as a companion. She has a great personality, carries a conversation on a variety of topics, has a great sense of humour, and she is very warm and inviting. Thank you to Faith and Bridgitte for arranging a first rate experience. You have earned a repeat client, thank you.