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Elegant, graceful, and a lover of everything luxurious, Juliana is the kind of Companion you request when you want to be enchanted and entertained. Within five minutes of meeting Juliana, you’ll feel as if you have been reunited with an old flame and will find yourself wishing that you had just a few more hours.

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5’7” & 105 lbs

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Compliments to Juliana

This was my first experience with Cupids and one of my first with a companion. I had very high expectations for the evening based on the professionalism Cupids portrays and other reviews on her profile. When Juliana walked in to meet me at a restaurant I was not disappointed. Her perfect figure may be outmatched by a face I found more beautiful than any model in a magazine. She is absolutely stunning in person. Tall, beautiful brown hair and eyes, and a smile that draws you in. I later found her skin to be the softest and most flawless I have ever touched. Her profile pictures are gorgeous, but in person she is a beauty you must see to believe.
We ordered the tasting menu, so I had time over the course of a long dinner to get to know her. This is what surprised me and took me off guard. She is so much more than beautiful. She is well educated, well travelled, and down to earth. She has ambitions and pushes herself to achieve lofty goals. She shares stories that are interesting and enlightening. I have never met a woman like Juliana before and am not sure I ever will again. She has the complete package.
The evening we spent together will live on in my memory and dreams...I am in awe of the Italian goddess.

Regarding Juliana, who arrives with such... brilliance... I thought I was seduced before, but she is like Circe from the Mediterranean — with all of the good and none of the bad of that enchantress. What a stunning woman!. The words, the notes I had to sing, a kiss, the looks from her eyes - they all come back. I treasure them all. I apologize I am so inarticulate to express it all, and how her little smile captured me. And what my evening with her meant to me. Please tell her thank you. Vielen danken! Mille grazie a una bellissima signora.
Juliana was a delight to spend some time with. She's sweet, sexy and beautiful. I am so looking forward to seeing her again.
Wow. Juliana. I am almost speechless, and as you know, I can talk usually. Stunning is one word. She is a sweetheart. I had a wonderful time getting to know her. She is so sweet and sexy and beautiful and smart. The talking and the playing were fun. The girl likes her fun; and it was fun to ride along with that. (No, no horses this time, just the horse riding metaphor for life.) She is not a painting by Tiziano, or by da Vinci. The body type, the style are a bit different. (She is stylish, of this age, but in a way, for all ages.) Still, some artist should paint her. She's just your regular down-home nerdy Italian girl, smart, glamorous, with endless legs and lovely lips. And a smile and a real sex appeal that leave you wondering what hit you. (She is a woman of many parts...simple and at the same time complicated. And simple again, like a lovely Italian meal, almost.) I am trying to recoup myself, so I'll not say more. Except grazie mille to her. (Please pass this on to her.) And many thanks to Bridgitte for recommending and to you (Faith and Melissa) in arranging everything wonderfully. Definitely will be seeing her again.
Bridgitte Thank you for sending Juliana She is absolutely intoxicating with fantastic eyes and a sultry smile 2nd to none. Bright, articulate and beautiful long legs. Truly a pleasure to spend time with. Thank you for the recommendation
Hello! Just wanted to let you know Juliana is fantastic!!!