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This natural redhead will have you thinking she’s fiery, when in fact; she’s as warm as a perfect summer day. Scarlett is a Celtic goddess that will melt your heart from the moment she first smiles at you, and have you feeling like the luckiest person on earth. A hint: Tickle her funny bone to hear her infectious laugh.

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Irish Canadian
Long natural red
32D - 24 - 34
5’6” & 110 lbs

Compliments to Scarlett

Great service. I loved Scarlett and can’t wait to use Cupids again.
Good evening; Just wanted to convey my thanks and say how awesome it was to host Scarlett this evening. She was extremely fun, interesting, beautiful and sexy…not all in that order. She is truly amazing and I am extremely impressed with Cupids. I hope to see her again before I leave town but if not then in the not too distant future.
Scarlett is a ravishing redhead and a sweetheart and clearly enjoys her time. Hope to see her again in the near future.
Hi there just wanted to thank you for smooth and easy booking. Both girls were amazing - another stellar cupids experience. Scarlett - Wow I really liked this gorgeous woman. Sexy as hell, amazing kisser and we just clicked. Laughed as much as we kissed and had a great time throughout the experience. Till next time I am in town - thanks again.
I was a first time customer. Melissa, helped me setup a date with Scarlett. At the time, we did not know if Scarlett was going to be on schedule, but Melissa got back to me as soon as she knew. It was flawless and painless. My date with Scarlett was like a dream. She arrived right on time, greeted me with a smile and a hug. She is such a fantastic lady. Our date was playful and friendly. Scarlett put me at ease immediately. It was an amazing time, and I am sure I will be back. She is an amazing and beautiful woman and I loved every minute of my time with her. Thanks to the people at Cupid who make the process so friendly.
Saw Scarlett tonight, she was amazing!
Thanks for arranging a great time with Scarlett last night. She is an amazing woman with I found fun and easy to get along with. She has also has the maturity and confidence that one doesn't usually see in someone her age. Always a pleasure dealing with Cupids. Until next time!
I wish to express my appreciation to everyone involved in the booking process and follow up to the meeting time. Responses to my inquiries were always professional and prompt, making the booking process smooth and easy. As the booking time neared, I was kept well informed which is very helpful. A special note of appreciation to Bridgitte who worked patiently through a series of communications to ensure an arrangement was made to my satisfaction. Bridgitte seems to be tireless and is especially polite and thoughtful. Faith also is a first class person to work with, she is prompt and clear in her communications. Thank you - Bridgitte and Faith. I also extend special accolades to Kristina and Scarlett: Giselle is a wonderful person. She has an uncanny ability to just go with the flow and anticipate what to do next without any prompting on my part. Spending time with Giselle felt like spending time with a gorgeous long time close friend, very special! Upon first meeting Scarlett I was struck by her beautiful long flowing red hair and her delightful out loud laughter that causes you to smile. She has a precious sense of humor and sweet laughter is never far from the surface. Scarlett is very patient. Giselle and Scarlett are, each in their own special way, beautiful, dedicated and hard working, thanks so much!
Hi Bridgitte & Jillian Once again, Cupids lived up to its reputation! My date with Scarlett tonight was fabulous. Thank you! Cheers
Hi Bridgitte and Jillian.
I wanted to send along my thanks and compliments to Scarlett.  I had an amazing time with Scarlett.  She is funny engaging and highly appealing.  I thoroughly enjoyed our time together.
All the best,

In my opinion Cupids snatched up a winner here. She is my new all-time favourite. Cupids is good for pre-booking via email which is handy for out-of-town guests. The agency has yet to steer me wrong so I would recommend them. But back to Scarlett ... If you are a fan of redheads you MUST see Scarlett. Looks-wise she is my dream woman. She reminded me in some ways of Julia Roberts (when she was done up in Pretty Woman). Well, I'm no Richard Gere but I had my own Pretty Woman that night! She came in so stylishly dressed. I think I was a bit over-whelmed by how good she looked so I was a bit nervous. With the initial awkwardness I was beginning to think that maybe we wouldn't click. Boy was I wrong!
Slim, young, natural redheaded beauty who loves what she does and does it extremely well. I opened the door and this beauty walked in and immediately smiled a real smile.
I'm not much of a numbers person, but I can tell you that Scarlett is an attractive woman with a sex appeal and personality that puts her over the top. And yes, I would definitely repeat.
Overall, I felt like it was one of the best experiences that I have ever had with a professional companion. I completely enjoyed our time together, and it has been hard to get her (or the experience) out of my mind ever since. Can't wait to see Scarlett again! I highly recommend.
Now I wish I hadn't waited so long to see her again. Can't wait to see her again. Unbelievable experience!
I have seen Scarlett a number of times and keep meaning to write her a testimonial. The problem is I just can't come up with the words that adequately express what a wonderful time I have with her. She is stunningly beautiful, devastatingly sexy and so easy to talk to I feel totally comfortable with. She is an incredible woman and leaves me smiling for weeks on end at the mere thought of her. These words seem so inadequate to express how much fun she is. Thank you Scarlett you are one of a kind.
Hello, I was hoping you could pass along a message to Scarlett for me. Could you please thank her again for me for the Wonderful time we had together on Wed night? She is such an amazing woman! I hope I get a chance to meet with her again sometime. I'm already trying to plan my next trip to TO ;-)