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A gifted conversationalist, an encounter with Tia is the kind of girlfriend experience that leaves you wanting more. You’ll be surprised how much sex appeal and class fit into this tiny frame and will be delighted by her constant laughter.

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Asian Canadian
Long brown
5’5” & 110 lbs

Compliments to Tia

I have known Tia since her very first week at Cupids . She has become more interesting and enticing with every visit.
Thank you so much, Tia was a real gem, beautiful, and fun.
Thank you so very much for the opportunity to spend time with Tia this evening. She is absolutely stunning. My mouth literally dropped when I opened the door. Her personality is enough to make the time worthwhile just chatting. And her passionate focus simply blew my mind. She is now my absolute all time best Cupids experience.
Tia was wonderful, very sweet person. Thanks Cupids.
Tia remains one of the classiest and sexiest ladies I have ever met , not to mention an amazing escorting experience. I will stop booking with her when she retires or my heart stops , whichever comes first.
Hello, Bridgitte.
I just want to thank you for being gracious despite some snafus in my schedule recently (my plane was soon delayed and I had to reschedule the appointment to late at night.).
I had the pleasure to see Tia recently. I was unsure what to expect, as she was new and had no reviews. But she came and she delivered, even though it was really late! She is an energetic and smart girl and happy to please. I don't usually glory over the details of the encounter, but let's just say, I was happy I trusted my instincts about Tia (and of course your reputation and the nice pictures). More power!

Tia is a heaven on two legs. She is someone I look forward to seeing again, and again. She laughs, really easily, and listens to everything I say. Thats quality. ;)
Thks for Tia. She was great as u have indicated.
I just wanted to say thank you for arranging my time with Tia this evening. She's a great conversationalist as well as very attractive. Just my type.
Good evening Bridgette Just wanted to write you and say what a great time I had with Tia on Monday night. She showed up exactly on time and we seemed to hi it off great. One of the funny things was that she arrived wearing enormously high heeled shoes and I told her that with me those were completely unnecessary. It seemed she had hummed and haw'd over that, but hadn't been sure. ;) I think any of those guys that prefer the "tall and blonde" type should take a break from that and try this little dynamite. I enjoyed making her laugh, cause it seemed kind of uncontrollable once she started. Thank you once again for all your help and I hope I left a good impression with her too.
Thank you for recommending Tia for Friday night! She was a knockout, very friendly and professional! Cheers
Could you also please pass along my thoughts to Tia. I have had the pleasure of seeing her a few times now and I can't tell you how impressed I am with her. She has a very rare combination of poise, charm and incredible beauty. As if that weren't enough, she also has a wonderful sense of humor and can easily hold an intelligent conversation. To say the least I look forward to seeing her again in the future if our schedules  permit.
Just wanted to say thanks as I had an amazing time with TIA last night. fantastic conversation and unbelievable experience.
Dear Jillian , Thank you for introducing me to Tia , but I am not sure liked her,could you please send her back every evening for the next month so I can make up my mind....
She's an amazingly charming girl. Great attitude. I completely enjoyed my night with her. She was pleasant, warm, and very attentive. The conversation was also stimulating and she's quite intelligent. In the end, I felt very relaxed with her as she was someone I felt an immediate connection to and who made me feel at ease right I way. I would definitely recommend her.
I had another great evening with Tia last night. She really is unbelievable. I am already looking forward to our next evening together.
I saw Tia last week, and had a wonderful visit. The pictures on the site give a good idea of her looks and I think her face, particularly her eyes, are beautiful.
Wow. I highly recommend Tia. Would definitely repeat.