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Posted on 2018.12.17

We arranged to meet at a restaurant near her hotel. It was her first time and I felt she picked the location just in case she wanted to have an “out”. I understood. The idea of this kind of date is tempting to many, but not everyone goes through with it. I was ready for this go either way.

The host walked me over to the table and as she stood to greet me, I was immediately taken with how gorgeous she was. She reminded me of my first crush: tall with long wavy hair, sun-kissed skin, and a smile that was big and genuine. SHE was my date? Oh, I was going to have a good night! She liked what saw with me and announced that I was gorgeous as soon as we sat down. She laughed nervously and admitted that she secretly suspected that my photos were fake. I assured her that all our photos were real and told her that I found her just as gorgeous. She picked up her water glass and took a sip to hide the blush creeping across her cheeks.

Our waiter came over to take our drinks order and asked if we were going to wait for the third person on the reservation to join us. Since the answer on that was still iffy, we ordered a bottle of white to share and started to get to know each other.

Couples always intrigue me. On the surface, people always assume that every couple asking for a date has the same exact expectations and motivations. If that were the case, I’d be bored and I assure you, these types of dates are never boring. More often than not, couples plan the date with a certain set of expectations and as the date goes on, their expectations change. I felt like her expectations would be fulfilled tonight. She was shy but in the way most of us are when we’re meeting new people. Her shyness didn’t mean that she was conservative. Not at all. Once she’d eaten a little and gotten her nerves out of the way, she started to reveal more about herself and what led to tonight.

For her, this was all somewhat new. She married very young and the marriage never felt right. Eventually they grew apart and parted amicably. Within a year of her divorce she met her current love and she wasn’t expecting it. The best part about this new love, she was able to be expressive in ways she had never been with anyone else.

But she still felt insecure in their relationship. She had basically gone from her marriage right into another committed relationship. She was deeply in love, but she sometimes felt as if she had not given herself enough time to date other people and explore her boundaries.

The beautiful thing about this relationship was that her new love was someone she could share these concerns with and talk about them openly. Was she enough for her partner? Her partner said yes, but she thought maybe…not? Which is why they decided to go out on a date with me.

She thought that this would be a safe no strings attached way to explore and if she wanted to, she’d invite her love to join us.

This wasn’t my first time with a first timer, so I thought I knew what my expectations were.

We finished our bottle of wine and gave me a mischievous grin and asked if her love should join us for part two of our date. When you hear so many good things about someone, it’s natural to want to meet them, so of course I said yes. Their “back up” plan was to meet each other at a club after we finished our date, but if things went well at dinner, I would join them for the rest of the night. I went to the ladies room while she settled our dinner bill and checked in with my driver. Looks like tonight would go as late as I had hoped it would.

Luckily, I’m known at the club they chose to meet at, which meant there was no such thing as a lineup. We walked straight in and we were immediately greeted by two guys who were way too young for us. They offered us drinks, which we declined with a laugh. She grabbed my hand and started to pull me to the other side of the bar.

“But I think I’m in love with you!” One of them shouted after my date.

She shouted back “I’m already in love!”

Which she was. She had spotted her partner on the other side of the bar and we were making our way over to her.

Remember what I said about usually knowing what to expect? I did not expect, HER. I actually felt my jaw drop when she turned to say hello.

She. Was. Just. Beautiful.

Is THIS why my date felt insecure? But what was she feeling unsure about? I couldn’t believe my luck. To be honest, not every date is the kind of person I would date in my real life. But these two? All night? This was my date? This was going to be so much fun. We hugged hello, ordered a round of drinks and hit the dance floor.

I kept a bit of distance as I watched them dance with each other because it was fun to watch them. My date pulled me closer and offered another round. Her lips grazed my ear when she asked and I felt a bit of shiver. She smelled good, she looked good, and honestly? I didn’t need another drink; I was already getting tipsy off of her energy. We danced until last call, occasionally inviting others to join us (like those young cubs who had fallen in love), but the night was ours.

Our feet were too sore to walk back to their hotel so we opted for an Uber and made our way back. As we walked through the lobby I realized that to anyone else watching, we looked like a trio of girlfriends at the end of what looked to be a great night out…

A few hours later, I left the happy couple on the other side of bliss and made my way downstairs to the waiting car. Hopefully the next time they feel like dancing, they invite me to join them.

Photo by Pexels

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