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Posted on 2019.04.01

I was surprised at the booking. I thought that this type of request only happened in the movies. My Client was looking to spend the weekend with me as a full girlfriend experience, but it wouldn’t be just us. My Client – or should I say our Client – booked a three-day weekend with me and my favourite Companion. Excited, I grabbed my phone to text her and confirm that this fantasy was about to come true, only to see that she had texted me a series of emojis and a single message.


I was booked off for the two days before our epic date and so happy that I wasn’t on the schedule. From the sounds of it, it was going to be a very busy weekend and I was excited. The day before, I decided to go shopping for something new and checked the details of my booking to see if there were any special requests.

Casual clothing only.

That was…weird? Usually the Clients who booked with me weren’t into casual activities. I emailed to double check and sure enough, the request was casual clothing and nice shoes. I decided to not buy anything, packing my best track suit, shorts, and high heels. I texted my partner and asked if she had received the same request and sure enough she did. To each his own as they say…

The day of our date, we arrived together and headed to the room, weekend bags in hand. Rested and refreshed from having two days off, I was ready for anything. But I wasn’t ready for this room or how gorgeous the view would be. Postcard perfect. Our client had picked a spot that seemed like a fantasy brought to life. AND IT HAD A HOT TUB!

I didn’t pack a bathing suit. Oops. I looked at the hot tub and then and my partner. She looked at me with a mix of delight and panic. She hadn’t packed a suit either. Double oops!

As if he could read our minds, he laughed and asked if we needed to go shopping. It WAS going to be that kind of weekend. We agreed that shopping was going to need to be part of the agenda. He laughed and said that he was hoping that was going to be our answer. He showed us to our rooms and gave us some time to get settled in.

Changing in to my finest tracksuit, we headed out to a few of the boutiques he had connections at. By connections, I mean he regularly brought his favourite Companions to the store to have the staff dote on them.. Every few weeks he would come to the city, book time with a Companion (or two), and do a little shopping. The sales staff treated him – and us – like stars.

He was relaxed and unassuming and even though we felt like two kids in a candy store, we played it just as cool. I asked how many outfits would be required and he scrunched up his face as he did the math: one outfit per day for dinner. One outfit for Sunday brunch…

…and swimwear.

My partner and I shared a changing room and debated whether or not we should model our different looks for him. I stuck my head out and couldn’t find him anywhere. The sales associate said that our ”friend” (insert dramatic pause here) was browsing in the men’s department. So we spent our time modelling for each other and chose a full range of outfits for the rest of the weekend. We gave our choices to the associate and waited while the purchases were wrapped up. Leaving the store, we discussed where we would go for dinner and realized that our Client was silent.

“Is everything okay?” My partner asked him. He smiled and explained that he was just enjoying our enthusiasm. I mean, who wouldn’t be enthusiastic about a weekend full of delights AND a hot tub? Yes, I really wanted to just slide into that tub and relax. Which inspired my next suggestion: room service. My partner did me one better and suggested that we order ahead so that all the goodies would be ready by the time we got back to the suite. This is one of the many reasons I love this girl.

We got back to the suite and changed into our swimwear. I had chosen a black and silver bikini and my partner had picked a white one piece that was more of a piece. I honestly don’t know how it stayed on, but it did. We came out in our robes to find our Client relaxing in a robe of his own. Of course HE was prepared and was wearing trunks. We brought our drinks over to the terrace and eased ourselves into the tub. Looking back into the suite, we saw that our Client had stopped in the doorway and so that he could enjoy the view. Can you blame him?

I’d like to say that we spent each night out on the town showing off our new outfits. But, to the person who invented the hot tub, bravo.

Best. Weekend. Ever.

Photo by Pexels

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