Breakfast Can Wait

Posted on 2019.07.08

I’ve spent ten glorious days in this villa and I don’t want to go home. I must remember to either book as much travel in in the winter as possible, or book none at all. Coming back from these little pockets of paradise, only to land in five inches of snow in the middle of February is too much to bear. I stretch my limbs as far as I can in the bed, trying to touch all four corners. It’s about 8 am, but I know that my Client has been up since at least 5:30. I listen to see if I can hear him in the adjoining room, but it’s silent. He’s either on a call or taking laps in the pool.

Even on holiday this man is extremely disciplined and I admire it. He’s up before dawn each day, works out, takes calls and meetings over his first breakfast, goes for a swim, and meets me in time for my breakfast – his second. Normally I’m a complete bum when I’m on holiday, but he’s inspired me to keep up with my yoga on this trip. I reluctantly pull myself from the bed and make my way to the terrace to begin my daily sun salutations.

Before starting, I check my phone for messages and respond to a few people. Stepping out onto the terrace, I close my eyes and take a deep breath. As I exhale, I open them to take in the view. THE VIEW. It’s gorgeous in a different way every day. Today, the waters of the Mediterranean remind me of gemstones. It looks as if someone has managed to melt sapphires and emeralds and swirl them together. Last night, my Client told me that my eyes reminded him of the sea, and I joked that I was absorbing as much of the elements as I could to bring home with me.

Our villa is private. Just us and some staff who are absolutely wonderful. He explained to them that I enjoy my rest and not to enter my room before 11 am. I have spent these quiet hours to myself in preparation for each day. My Client’s early mornings serve a purpose: he’s six hours ahead of the office and can get everything he needs to do done by noon. That leaves the rest of the day and the entire evening to us.

I fold my body into downward dog and banish any thoughts of the windchill situation back home. I have less than a day left and I plan to enjoy every minute of it. I start to think about the things I want to do before we have to leave, making a list in my head from most to least important. I’m so caught up in my list of things to do that I don’t even hear my Client as he comes into the room.

I come up from downward dog and move my body into triangle pose, stretching one hand to the ground and the other to the cloudless sky. I catch a glimpse of the beach at the bottom of hill and shift my priorities: one last walk and dip in the ocean before I go. I pull myself upwards and shift myself in triangle for the other side of my body. I close my eyes and take in another deep breath, focusing on how good everything has feels and has felt over the last few days. I come up to move into warrior pose when I notice my Client sitting at the breakfast table. I let out a little yelp of surprise and we laugh at my surprise. I move into lotus pose and we talk about what we want to do for the day. I finish my yoga and join him at the table. Looking inside the room, I notice that the breakfast tray hasn’t arrived yet. My client notices my confusion and can barely keep the smile forming on his lips in place. I look again and walk into the room.

“Are you not joining me for breakfast?”

I look around to see if it’s closer to the door and when I turn to head back out the the terrace, I notice a small navy box on my pillow. I look over at my client and the smile has gotten wider. I look back and the bed and dive into with a squeal of excitement. Everyone knows that beautiful things come in small packages.

Sure enough inside the box is a beautiful necklace with a pendant. The stone is an emerald the same shade as the sea. I turn to my client as he walks back into the room and thank him for such a gorgeous present.

“I wanted you to take a piece of the ocean home with you.”

I put on the necklace and step out into the sun. Sure enough, the reflection of the stones matches the reflection of the water. I look at my Client and he’s still smiling like a cheshire cat. He’d be horrible at poker.

“There’s more?”

“There’s more. But you have to look for it.”

On our last day, he’s planned a scavenger hunt for me throughout the villa. Like a pirate, I get to search for treasure. Anything I find, I can keep. He says to me that the staff have been dismissed for the day but have made meals for us to enjoy. I can start now, or have breakfast first; the choice is mine.

I tell him that breakfast can wait and that the treasure hunt can wait. I have priorities. Taking him by the hand I tell him that before anything else, we need to go for one last walk on the beach…

Photo by Pexels

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