Eye of the Beholder

Posted on 2019.08.06

You wouldn’t “expect” me to be the kind of guy who would hire a Companion. Contrary to what people think, the “typical” Client is not some socially awkward dweeb living in his mom’s basement. I’ve been told I’m handsome: 6’4, go to the gym four times a week, dress well, shower daily – I hear that’s not something everyone does.

When I was single, I didn’t have any trouble meeting and keeping women. The problem is that women can’t keep me. I’m not a cheater, I just have a short attention span. I meet a woman and it’s great. All the fun and excitement. Everything’s shiny and new. But after a few weeks, the women I meet start to ask about “tomorrow”. What are my future plans. What’s our status? Then there’s always my favourite: where is this going? I don’t know where you’re going luv, but wherever I go, I go alone.

I’m an accountant, but I have the heart of an aesthete. I love mid-century modern furniture. I like to drink my drinks out of the right glass. I love a high thread count. I like to wear silk ties and pocket squares. I want to spend my time with someone who can appreciate this life and who can fit into it. I have no desire to be Henry Higgins, so if you’re looking for a makeover, I hear there are shows for that. I want to know that if I book a reservation at Alo, I won’t have to wonder if you’re going to show up wearing running shoes and a $300 sweatshirt with holes in it. It sounds harsh, but I just like things that are pleasing to the eye. Life is too short to not enjoy the beauty in it.

When I first started spending time with Companions, I wasn’t sure where to go. I did a lot of research (thank god for incognito mode) and had a few missteps. I will say this to anyone who is looking to book: know what you want. Would you walk into a car dealership without doing any research and just say you want a car? No. The same goes with Companions.

You’re booking time with a Courtesan. A woman at the top of her profession. She’s put in time and effort to cultivate the best version of the woman she is. A Cupid’s Companion is the kind of woman who is the perfect compliment to my social life. I don’t ever wonder about the woman I’m meeting with if she’s a Companion from Cupid’s. I know she’ll be beautiful. I know she’ll be fun. I know she’ll enjoy the dates we have. I don’t even have to worry about chemistry, because all pretence falls away when you’re both starting on the same page. It’s why I prefer their company.

I used to book the odd lunch date here and there when I started because I could take a 2-hour lunch and not be missed at the office. Then I started to do the math: the amount I was (still) spending on dates with the woman I met in my everyday life was almost equal to the amount I would spend for the same amount of time with a Companion. The math simply didn’t add up. I always tell my clients that it’s not how much money you spend, it’s how and where you spend it.

You can buy five pairs of affordable shoes and have to replace all five in a year or two, or you can spend that same money on one premium pair, and have them last for five years.

I like to take Companions with me to events, galleries, dinners, and the theatre. Last year, I took the plunge and invited a Companion to come with me to Italy. It happened to be a place she had never been before, and to have moments like seeing the Laurentian in Florence through her eyes made the trip that much more special.

Listen, I have no Pretty Woman illusions; the Companion and I both go back to our lives when our date is over. One day, I will likely settle down with a woman and start a family – before I hit 40. There are some days when I’m not even sure if I want to get married, of that if I do, that I want to stop seeing Companions. It would be something I would tell my future partner and I hope she would understand. In fact, she would need to understand. It all factors in to who I am. Like I said, life is too short to not enjoy the beauty in it.

Photo by Unsplash

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