How To Guide: Finding An Honest Escort Agency

Posted on 2014.08.15

If It Seems Too Good To Be True?

A common question we get from new clients is “Are the photographs really the girl who is going to show up?”  I guess there are agencies that lack scruples and will post up a photo of any beautiful woman and hope that the client is too embarrassed or horny that they won’t cancel at the door.  It is unfortunate that there are places that would treat their clients like that and try to deceive them.  I can’t even imagine how it must feel for the women who work at agencies like this and have to try to convince clients to let them stay.

How To Tell If The Photos Are Real

A few ways to tell if the agency you are using are using legit photos is fairly simple and can save you a lot of time and money when booking with escorts and agencies that you’re not familiar with.

The Environment

First, look at the photos.  Not just the boobies and bums, look at the actual photographs.  Are there palm trees in the background for an agency based in Alaska?  Girls laying on sandy beaches for a Edmonton agency?  Is she posing on the Trevi Fountain when she is based in Tokyo?  These are the easy ways to tell when something is a little off.

The Photographers Style

Now I want you to look at the style of photography of the photo’s below. Model escort in bikiniBabe checks her panties Can you tell that these are different photographers?  The style is completely different between the two, one is heavily airbrushed and the other is using a lot of natural light to create shadow.  If the photographer is different for every photo, or varies from girl to girl, you can likely tell that the agency is trying to bait you in and will send over whoever they want in hopes that you’ll see them anyways. At Cupid’s Escorts, we have been using the same photographer for the past two years, she is wonderful to work with and has a style within her work that is very recognizable.  This aids us with establishing a recognizable brand and gives unity to all of the photos used on the site.


Next look at what is in the photograph; are there similar props being used?  For example, look at these close ups taken from our site.

Cupids escort sexy thighs

Cupids escort on couch

Cupids escort tight waist

and here as well

Cupids escort leg straddle Cupids long legs Cupids escort luscious thigh The world’s luckiest stool!

Notice anything?  We use the same leather bench and chrome stool for our photo shoots.  A good agency will know the importance of branding and will incorporate this within their photography.

Use The Power of The Internet

Lastly, if you are still concerned about the authenticity of a photograph, take it to Tineye or Google Images and upload to see if the images match others.  It isn’t likely that a Italian runway model is moonlighting as an escort in Halifax and I doubt that Jenna Jameson has come out of retirement to become an escort advertising on Backpage. Hopefully these tips can help you figure out who is legit and who isn’t.

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