Sex Movie Review – Unhung Hero

Posted on 2014.07.13


Let’s face it, all men have the worry that they aren’t acquit down there at some point or another.  The biggest cock I have ever had told me that he was concerned when he was a teen that he wasn’t much of a man down below when he was hung like a mammoth with a case of elephantiasis of the genitals.  It’s a natural concern for everyone that their junk isn’t like everyone else’ but also is something taboo for most so it is rarely talked about.

Am I too small?

Unhung Hero - Brian SpitzThe story starts with Patrick Moote, who admits that he was dumped by this girlfriend during a televised proposal during a sporting event and the video went viral on-line.  The reason she said no: his dip stick isn’t very big.  Determined to find out “am I too small?,” he declares, “The men of the world deserve an answer to this question and so I’m going to find it with this cockumentary.”Moote starts with some hard hitting personal stories about himself, you can’t help but feel pity for the man as he goes around interviewing former lovers and asking them if he measures up in comparison to other men.  You can see the pain in his eyes as friends reminisce about his old high school nick name after his small member.

Patrick then takes to some dangerous methods to start to try to grow his penis; taking ExtenZe’s, using a penis pump as well as some strange jerking off style that is supposed to improve the size of his penis.  You really have to wonder how small this dick must be if he is going to these ‘length’s’ to make his peter a PETER.

Learn to use your tongue

Ron Jeremy - Unhung HeroSex guru Annie Sprinkle is included in the panel of sexperts about penis’, after all she was a call girl for twenty years, a madame, porn star and now has a PhD in sexology.  Sprinkle is a quirky woman who convinces Moote to squat and hump the earth.  It really is one of those Whiskey Tango Foxtrot kind of cameo’s in a movie that make you wonder why the director allowed it stay.   Next up is Ron Jeremy who gives some solid advice of ‘learn to use your tongue’.  Dan Savage is the most intelligent and rounded of the celeb sex panel, brings us studies and actual facts to make Moote feel like more of a man.

Moote continues his journey, with it taking him around the globe and meeting some very interesting characters along the way. He finds his way across South East Asia, looking at various ways to boost his libido with exotic foods including eating deer testicles, talks with plastic surgeons who do penile implants through fat graphing from corpses and back alley doctors who offer to inject oil into his dinkie dick.

So where’s the dick?

This is a soft hearted cock-doc with some good insight but I was disappointed that in a movie that was all about dick, that they didn’t really show much dick.  Moote never reveals what is in his pants and in the end of the documentary, you really just decide that this guy is just extremely narcissistic and insecure.  This movie had potential but failed to satisfy my desires for a good dick-flick.

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