Something ‘Bout You

Posted on 2019.05.27

Initially the request seemed a little strange. She sent an email out to all the Companions who were available on a particular night to see if any of them had a dance background. Twelve years of ballet meant I became the chosen Companion for the evening.

I assumed that the night would involve the ballet, so when I was told that we were meeting at a popular Gentlemen’s club, I was a little confused. When I arrived, I walked up to the bouncer, gave him my name, and was escorted straight to a table to meet my client.

Worried that there was some confusion about the nature of the word “dance”, I waited until we were alone to confirm. He assured me that I was there for the right reasons. He loved professional exotic dancers and realized that for all his trips to clubs around the world, he had always gone by himself of with male friends. Those friends didn’t seem to appreciate the performances. He thought that a woman would appreciate another woman’s talent more.

In addition to the usual roster of dancers, there was a special guest performance by a dancer who was visiting the city for the weekend. The lights dimmed to virtual darkness and conversation in the room turned into a collective murmur. A single purple light highlighted the pole as the song began. Just a voice, no music.

Made my decision to test my limits…

She seemed to materialize from under the stage, rising out of the dark until she was fully bathed in a purple glow. Long red hair and was wearing nothing but six inch heels to match. With both hands, she slowly pulled herself to the top of the pole. When she reached the top, she paused to take in her audience. The murmurs stopped when everyone – myself included – realized that we were about to pay witness to a more than just a dance.

Completely focused my mind is open…

She slowly started to rotate around the pole. I study her position because I’m not sure what part of her body was keeping her attached; she looked as if she was suspended in mid air.
She reached with one hand to steady herself as she slowly opened her legs into a wide split. With a snap, she curled her body around the pole and slid towards the ground. When she was about halfway down, she wrapped her thighs around the pole as she arched her body away from it. She moved back up a few inches and spun around, reminding me of the ballerina who lived in my music box.

All that you got, skin to skin, oh my God…

As the singer went from a whisper to a shout, she increased the speed of her spins, faster and faster, and when the full climax of the chorus hit, she released her hold and let gravity take over.

The crowd let out a gasp and dropped down the pole, coming to a dramatic halt just inches above the ground. It was then I understood why I was chose to experience this. Despite my years of training, I did not have the muscle control to move my body the way she was and I was in awe. Positioned just inches above the ground, she slowly uncoiled herself until she was parallel to the surface of the stage. From our vantage point, I could see her body rippling out like a tiny wave, her fingers stretched and her toes perfectly extended. Her form showed years of discipline to her craft. She curled her body back towards the pole and gracefully lowered herself to the ground.

Once she was on the ground, she stretched her body out again and lifted her right leg and towards her head until she was spread into a full split. I watched her back curve while she held herself in that position for almost a minute In a blink, she rolled herself into a standing position and grabbed the pole for a triumphant spin. Knowing that she had our complete attention she paused again to stare out at us. I looked over at my Client to see that he was watching me as I was watching her. He smiled and nodded in the direction of the stage.

The way we’re movin’ like introducing / Us to a new thing…

With a toss of her hair, she stretched herself against the pole, aligning it perfectly with her spine. Stretching her hands above her head, she grabbed hold of it and arched her back towards the audience. As she took another spin in this position I could see every line and muscle on display; she was beautiful. I noticed her eyes were closed and she was caught up in the moment. The song was once again approaching the chorus.

‘Cause I’m a giver, it’s only nature…

When she was back to facing the audience, she lowered herself to the stage. She started to do a floor routine that made me think she must’ve been a gymnast, which made perfect sense. The same discipline as dance, the same control over every inch your body. But while my training had taught me to express myself with frailty, she was able to show her audience how powerful she was and it was beautiful.

Somethin’ ’bout, somethin’ ’bout, somethin’ ’bout you…

She moved back to the pole and with one hop, she had propelled herself to the top, held in place with only one leg cocked around the pole. She arched her back and curved the top half of her body towards the ground. Looking like she was guided by invisible hands, she slowly spun around the pole in time to the song. As the singer approached the final chorus and let out a final high note, she loosened her grip on the pole and let gravity drag her headfirst towards the stage. I hadn’t realized I was holding my breath until I felt myself exhale slowly in relief. My Client chuckled softly, enjoying my reaction to the performance more than the performance itself.

She melted into the stage as the song came to its end and lay on the floor, spent as the final notes faded away. The lights dimmed and the audience whistled and applauded in appreciation. I head myself saying “bravo” and hoped for an encore.

When the lights came up, she was gone.

Photo by Pexels

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