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Posted on 2019.04.29

I had my Cupid’s photoshoot today. When I was first selected to join Cupid’s as a Companion, I was probably the most excited about the photoshoot. As an independent Companion I’ve always had professional photos, but if you look at the photos on this site, then you know that this would be something different. I’ll be honest: every other time I had my photos done, it felt like “work”, but this time I was sure it would feel like fun.

Once my photo shoot day was confirmed, I went shopping for lingerie. I love garters and knew that I needed a new pair to show off in my photos. These days, it’s so easy to go online and shop for stuff, but when it comes to my lingerie, I need to do that in person.

I headed to my favourite store to pick up a new pair of garters. No matter what I’m wearing, I only wear red underneath. I probably wear about twenty different shades of red, but everything has to be red, and everything has to match. Even when I’m old and grey, I know my sets will match and they will be red – preferably lace.

I’ve even gone as far as to have special pieces custom made I’ve decided that my shoot is a special enough reason to have a new piece made. Because of my curves, I can’t buy certain clothing off the rack and have had many pieces made to fit. But lingerie? Being measured for my lingerie? I’m not even sure I have to right words to describe how good it feels. The caress of someone’s hands as they take my measurements, the fabric, the energy in the room. It’s all different; even the measuring tape just feels different. My lingerie designer knows that I get a little shiver every time I’m measured and the truth is, I don’t have to be measured every time I get a new piece, but I like it.

I arrive at my designer’s and go through the fabric samples to pick something that will go well with the pieces I’m having made. My favourite fabric is leavers lace. It’s soft and delicate and lasts long with the right care. I rub the lace between my fingers and slowly drag it against my skin because the fabric has to feel just as good as it looks. For fun, pick a few other fabric samples and try to imagine the piece I’m thinking of being done in silk, mesh, or even leather. As I run the samples along my skin, I skim through my designer’s sketchbook to see what else she’s created since my last visit. I want my Cupid’s shoot to be special and decide that I won’t choose a design I’ve had before.

I’ve decided to get a strappy demi panty with a high waist and a bralette – in red of course.

The straps on the panty will accentuate the curve of my hips and the bralette will be just a whisper of fabric. I picture myself in the finished piece and get excited. Lucky for me, my designer is in love with this combination and happens to have a sample of both pieces that she put together the day before. She gives it to me to try on to see if I like the look paired together.

I excitedly strip off my clothes and put on the sample. I come out from behind the curtain and stand in front of the mirror to get a better look and I’m shocked at how much I like it since the sample isn’t in red – it’s nude. I stare as run my hands over my torso and I feel that familiar shiver of excitement; this is how I know I want the piece. The feel of the lace against my skin. The detail in the straps. Everything soft but structured, and it’s hitting all my curves. This is what I love about the experience. Lingerie isn’t just to please the eye. If you skip past how lingerie feels on your body, or in your hands, you are missing out on so much.

I catch my designer looking at me in the reflection of the mirror. She walks over to me and makes a few adjustments, never breaking eye contact. She reaches down and pulls the straps a little higher on the panties and just like that, my waist looks even smaller. She runs her hands down over my hips to smooth out the lace and says, “like that”.

I nod, realizing that I’ve been holding my breath the entire time. She moves to stand in front of me and holds my arms out to the side. She adjusts the straps on the bralette and pulls it down a little lower. My hair is in the way and she moves it across my shoulders with such a gentle touch, you’d think she was handling lace. I shiver again. I won’t lie: it’s her touch I remember when I’m putting on my custom pieces. She smiles because she felt my shiver and asks me if this is a yes.

Of course it is.

I go back behind the curtain to reluctantly remove the samples, and change into my own clothes. Looking at the nude pieces I realize that for the first time in a really long time, I want to be different. As I sign off on the order slip I change the quantities from one to two of each piece and tell her I’m buying the sample pieces in nude. She gives me a big smile and asks if I’ll wear the nude for my Cupid’s shoot. I’m not sure, but I’m definitely going to be wearing them.
She offers to make the adjustments to the sample and I decline; I want to take my new goodies home with me right away.

That night as I’m getting out of the shower and getting ready for bed, I remember the samples and pull them out of my bag. Slipping on the panties, I look at myself in the mirror and adjust the straps the way she did. I slip on the bralette and pull it a bit lower the way she did. I smooth my hands over my hips and remember the way her touch felt against the lace and how the combination of her touch through the lace felt against my skin. I realize I’m holding my breath again, so I let out a deep breath and head to bed…

I can’t wait until you see which one I chose for my shoot.

Photo by Unsplash

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