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Passion. Excitement. Spontaneity. Those are just three words you can use to describe a date with Sienna. However, a fine balance is needed. Not everything has to be at a wild pace; slowing things down and catching Sienna off guard is a great way to keep her interested. Surprises and giving Sienna a chance to explore are other great ways to guarantee another date. Do you have tales of adventure that you can share? Tell her all about it. If you don’t have tales to share, the Sienna is the perfect Companion for you to create some.

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Eastern European Canadian
Long dark brown
5’10” & 135 lbs
Piercing Area
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Compliments to Sienna

We wanted to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed our dates with Sienna and Annika. As a couple, we look for  ladies who are truly bisexual first, then looks and personality of course. From the first few minutes of meeting Sienna, and then Annika, we all felt a great energetic connection with each other, and we knew that playtime would be magical. That’s what you can’t really know until you meet— the connection. But that connection was so obvious to all four of us right away. As you know, we had a single date with Sienna first, and again the connection was strong. She was respectful of any boundaries we had for our time together — even though we didn’t really have any. Our 3 hours with her flew by with so much sexiness, and laughter! Then we booked a 3 hour duo with Sienna and Annika— thank you for suggesting Annika— and it was amazing. The two ladies had met before and had a connection themselves, and we just added to that for an outstanding foursome experience. If you are a couple looking for a third to join you, we can’t recommend these two strongly enough. We would play with either of them or both together again any time. (I am the female in our couple and I wrote this review.)
Sienna is absolutely wonderful and I had a great time.
Cupids team, thank you for arranging an unforgettable rendezvous with Sienna late last night. OMG - it seemed like a Hollywood diva walked into my hotel room. Well, some of her gestures even reminded me of iconic moments straight from Hollywood flicks. Her smile would melt a stone away. Imagine what it can do to ordinary mortals. I betcha she causes a 'stampede' when she walks by & I got to hangout with beautiful lady? I must be so lucky! Thank heavens!
Just wanted to say my time with Sienna was breathtaking! This tall, beautiful, kind goddess was everything I had only hoped for but could this have been real? Somebody, please pinch me. Of course it was for real & I had a fantastic time enamored by her smile, generosity & her presence. Thanks a million.
I had an amazing time with Sienna! Can’t wait to see her again.
I had the pleasure of spending a few wonderful hours with gorgeous, smart, wise, serene, sensual, kind-hearted Sienna, and hope to be able to see her again soon. Flesh means little without spirit. Sienna is a lovely lady and a beautiful soul.
Hi there, Here are my thoughts on my first experience with Cupids: I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Sienna tonight. Look forward to seeing her again! Also, thank you for setting this all up - the booking experience was seamless. Thank you
Sienna has the absolute best personality and such a great soul. Please let her know we truly appreciate her. She was a star to our night.
I just wanted to say Sienna is sooooo cute, sweet, kind and friendly. I cannot wait to see her again.
Sienna and Anastasia were both spectacular. Thank you, and please also thank them.
I just wanted to share that we had a fantastic time with Sienna. She is not only gorgeous, but also caring, engaged, smart and very sensual. Sienna made sure that both my wife and I were comfortable and communicated very well with both. Our session was everything we were looking for and some :) Thank you as well for the great communication and help during the booking process.
Thank you. The chemistry between Sienna and Tatum was out of the ordinary. We spent a fantastic evening.