A Few Of My Favourite Things

Posted on 2020.12.28

As a Companion, it’s often assumed that I can’t have preferences or types, which is definitely not the case. I would say the kind of person I prefer as a client is completely different from the kind of person I’m attracted to in my non-Cupid life.

But when it comes to my Clients, I have definitely determined that I have a type and it rarely has to do with anything physical. I enjoy the company of both men and women, but what makes a client enjoyable, what makes me happy to re-book with them and look forward to our time together has nothing to do with the outside. When you spend enough time with a variety of people, you learn that there are certain characteristics that are more important than size, shape, or colour.


Respect is hot. Clients that understand what I do and respect it? So attractive. A client who understands the value of time and respects my time instantly becomes a favourite.

Preferred clients treat me as an equal or better, and if you don’t understand what that means, then you wouldn’t understand what it’s like to be a favorite.


Clients who are open to learning new ways to experience life and all its pleasures are the best kinds of clients. Spending time with a Companion doesn’t always mean that you pay to do things you always do. Those who use the time with a Companion to learn and explore are overall, more fun to be with. Look at it this way: Baskin Robbins wouldn’t be successful if they only sold vanilla ice cream, now would they?


This is something I feel both Clients and Companions try to force too many times. We are all human, and sometimes you just click and sometimes you don’t. It’s normal and while I always try my best to make the date as fun as possible, I don’t try to force anything. It only ends up making us both feel a little bit off. It’s basically a square pegs in round holes type of situation.

If our chemistry isn’t blending, I think about being open and letting things flow. If we don’t instantly click, I will focus on being open and exploring. If we still aren’t a perfect fit at the end of the date, I’ll actually recommend a Companion that I think they would like more and you know what? 99% of the time, I’ve made their Cupid’s experience even better.


There are two kinds of surprises: good ones and bad ones!

A bad surprise? Changing the location of our date at the last minute. Magic tricks (yes, seriously. Actual magic tricks at the dinner table). Bringing along a friend. Those are the kinds of surprises that end a date early.

A good surprise? Remembering my favourite flower and surprising me the next time we meet. Backstage passes. One of my favorite clients has to travel quite a bit for work and when he knows that he has a date scheduled with me, he’ll pick up a cheesy souvenir (my fave) and surprise me on our date. It’s sweet that he thinks of these things and takes joy in surprising me with them (yes, thoughts DO count).

That’s it. You don’t always have to be a 6’5 athlete with a Black Card to impress me to become a favourite Client – although those are fun dates too, I’m not gonna lie. Think about the way you want to have fun and then, seek out a Companion that feels the same way. Trust me you’ll both be happier for the experience.

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