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Posted on 2020.12.16

Let me start by saying that I love my wife and she loves me.

There. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I can talk to you about why I enjoy the company of Companions in addition to my marriage.

When I first met my wife it was definitely love at first sight. We met when we were young and neither of us had experienced the world yet, so we did that together. We traveled, tried new things, met a lot of people. In time, we built a life together, complete with kids, pets, a house and two dogs. Every day, I wake up in love with my wife and I give thanks for the life she’s given me. I know she enjoys the life I’ve given her too; she has never wanted for anything.

But, about 18 years in, we realized that the lives we wanted to live as individuals were completely different from the lives we wanted to live with each other. It was an important lesson to learn about our relationship and about marriage. We had grown up together and had grown into two very different people, and we had to really think about how our life together would continue.

If our life together would continue.

That was another difference between us: I couldn’t picture a life without her, and she realized she could actually build a new life without me, but she just wasn’t sure if she wanted to. Admitting that was what led us to build our new relationship. We were brutally honest about what we enjoyed about each other and what we wanted to enjoy separately. Even though it was a huge risk to say some of these things out loud, it felt really good once we started to, and we soon found we couldn’t stop. Being that honest allowed us to really value and appreciate the other person in ways I don’t think we ever would have if we had left these things unsaid.

I am a man who loves to experience and enjoy new things and my wife is a woman who is content with routine. She is the kind of woman who is happy listening to the same CD over and over. She has her favourite restaurants and wouldn’t even think of getting something different off the menu. I’m the kind of man who wants to try something new every single time. I enjoy the rush, the challenge, the newness of it all. I eventually realized that time spent with a Companion (or two) would let me experience things with someone who has the same taste for adventure and in doing so, I wouldn’t have to sacrifice an amazing marriage to an amazing woman.

When I told my wife my realization she was surprised, but not. After all, she had been married to me for 18 years and we had been together for almost 20. Again, once I said it out loud and the words hung between us, it made complete sense. So we made an agreement: I would enjoy the company of others a few times a year, have my adventures and enjoy new experiences.

She would no longer feel obligated to join me on trips or excursions, and I, for the first time in 20 years, could feel completely free.

With some boundaries of course. Before booking with a Cupid, I had an outing with a new friend and that soon made me realize why we needed boundaries. I was able to provide a hasty explanation to the old friend we bumped into, but I never again wanted to risk anything that would embarrass my wife or give anyone reason to question our relationship. Which is what led me to Cupid’s; I could enjoy my private life discreetly and not have to worry about prying eyes.

My wife is obviously aware that there is another side to me and I share with her as much as she wants to know. It’s not one-sided; she too has a separate life that I know very little about.

It’s been a few years since we started this and we take great pride in the relationship we’ve built. It’s better, stronger, and it’s only for us to understand.

Whenever someone asks us the secret to our longevity and the fact that we truly like and love each other, we smile and tell them that it can be summed up in one word: “honesty”.

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