Only Me

Posted on 2020.11.30

Have you ever played a song or video over and over again? Or have a song stuck on loop in your head?

That was her for me. Stuck at home for months on end and all I had to get me through was the image of her, playing on a loop in my head. Thankfully started a channel to keep her Clients – and herself – entertained during the lockdown. I swear I think I was the first one to sign up.

I mean if I couldn’t book a date with her, I could at least enjoy the show.

It was and has always been her smile. From the first time we had a date booked, she greeted me with a smile that made me forget about who I was, where we were going, and what to say. That smile is contagious. That smile is a promise, and to see her smile on screen and not have the promise fulfilled is honestly, a little torturous (but in a good way). For this painful bit of pleasure, I tipped generously. Just so I could see that smile until it was safe for me to see it in person again.

I saw that she had updated her bio and she was feeling safe enough to see select clients again. Very limited and very exclusive. I see it and I’m hoping that I can be one of those clients. I’ve been good. I haven’t been travelling, I’ve kept my social bubble small. I have been working from home. I was ready for this.

I called and I was lucky enough to book a date. With her time being limited, I really thought it would be harder to get one, but I managed to snag the last available opening. I already knew what I was going to do: a picnic. I remember her telling me on one of our last dates that her favourite thing about summer was sitting outside and enjoying a picnic. The weather was going to be perfect for it and I had found this quiet park right by my condo. I actually went on Pinterest to get inspiration for the layout, thinking we both deserve something special after being cooped up for so long.

When it was finally the evening of our date, I met her outside my favourite Thai place so we could pick up some takeout and then we headed to the perfect spot that I had found. I pulled out my basket of tricks and set us up. The sun was about to set, she looked gorgeous, and when she leaned closer to share a bite I knew this date had been worth the wait. Here I was with her and I was the only one. I didn’t have to share her attention or have our time interrupted.

Being with her I realized that there was another reason I enjoyed spending time with this Companion: she stays present and in the moment.

Sometimes you can be with someone and feel like you’re by yourself: they’re on their phone, they’re looking around and checking other people out, or they have trouble paying attention. But when I’m with her, I know that she’s with me from the moment our date starts right up until it’s time to say goodbye. Even the goodbyes feel a bit bittersweet, because even though I know she’s probably off to see another client, or just go home, she makes me feel like she wants to stay a little bit longer. I love it.

When it’s a night like this, when everything just fell into place, you almost want it to last longer. But not permanent, you know? I have a friend who loves to travel, that’s what she spends her money on. When she goes away, she goes all out: 5 star hotel, day trips, full on experiences. But that’s all that it is; she always comes home. That’s how I feel about my time with Companions. I want to go all out and have full on experiences. Five stars all the way (which is why I’m a loyal Cupid’s customer of course).

It’s all for me and only me, and when it’s done, I come home, and have the next one to look forward to.

Photo by Pexels

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