Posted on 2020.11.16

My best friend is a Companion. Yes, it’s possible.

We had a Client/Companion relationship for a few months before we became friends. I was recently divorced and wasn’t ready to be a full time boyfriend or husband to anyone, but I still missed being in the company of women. I’ll be honest: I didn’t want to have to put in much effort and I’m a little socially awkward. I didn’t want to do the apps, be introduced, or go out to bars.

I thought that booking time with a Companion would be efficient and save me a lot of time and grief.

I soon realized that spending time with a Companion DOES NOT mean I can’t put in effort.
In fact I feel like I make more of an effort to keep her interested, because fellas, they don’t have to say yes if you book!

So there I was, reviewing the profiles of who was available that day and none really jumped out at me. Then, I reviewed all the Companions and that’s how I found her. She checked off every box for what I was looking for, but of course she was fully booked. So I started to follow the agency online so that I could get the schedule notifications right away. The next week, I waited too long and she was fully booked AGAIN. I really don’t like waiting, but I put myself on the waitlist for the week after and whew! Was she ever worth the wait. A Companion is a fantasy come to life, but what made that date so much fun was that I felt like we had known each other for years. There was a familiarity and an ease with the kind of vibe where you feel like you knew each other in a past life. I made sure to never be on a waiting list again.

I found myself looking forward to our monthly dates and putting in that effort. Spent a little longer at the gym. Booked a haircut. Bought some new clothes. Yeah, I was doing it to impress her, but I liked how I was feeling too. For the first time in a long time I was really feeling myself. One day, I was thinking about life and how different I was in comparison to who I was ten years ago.

How I would never be the kind of guy who would even approach a woman like her, and now I had another date lined up. Sure it was fantasy and that was the point: I was bringing my fantasies to life.

On one of our dates, I broached the idea of booking her for an overnight excursion and lucky for me she said she could be available. I was thinking about how my high school was having a reunion and how amazing it would be to walk in with her on my arm. I didn’t say that, but the fact that it was possible was intriguing to me. When I got home later, I dug around looking for my high school yearbook to have another look at the guy I used to be. I was the full stereotype: acne, scrawny, bad hair, and who the hell told me that puka shell necklaces and double collared polos were cool? I was a mess inside and out. I started thinking about some of the kids I went to school with but I wasn’t too nostalgic. I had made a great life for myself and couldn’t be bothered to look back on my past. Unless it was to browse through my old yearbook, which is exactly what I started doing. I even looked through the kids in the younger years trying to see if I remembered anyone and —


Can’t be.

But there was something about this girl’s eyes that got me wondering. My Companion was a goddess and this, uh really chubby girl with the braces was not? Could it be? I figured I had too much to drink and wasn’t seeing straight. But those eyes followed me for weeks, and by the time I had booked that overnight date I was convinced.

Companions don’t reveal personal details, but I wondered if she would answer if I just came out and asked. At dinner, I decided to take a chance.

“Did you ever hang out at (name of the random ass mall everyone went to because there was nothing else to do in our small town) on a Friday?”

She paused with her glass of water halfway to her mouth. Staring steadily at me she smiled and said, “that’s a random question.”

“Too personal?”

“No. I don’t think so.”

“You don’t think it’s too personal?”

“No. I don’t think I hung out there.”


As the waiter brought over a fresh round of drinks, I realized she didn’t say she had never heard of this random place, just that she hadn’t been there. I leaned in and whispered her name like it was a national secret. I got a blank stare in return, and you know I was okay with that. Why spoil the fantasy, right?

Except, it kept bugging me. When we got back to the hotel suite, I kept looking but not saying anything. Like she was reading my mind, she arched her brow and said, “I don’t think I ever hung out there because I was too young.”

I felt like Indy when he found the Holy Grail. What were the odds that two kids from the same school would be sitting across from each other, like this? In this situation? My shock turned to laughter and we toasted to our own two person reunion. The joy of my discovery quickly turned to pain when I realized that by knowing who she really was, the fantasy was over for us.

We spent the rest of the night talking and having fun; it was our way of saying goodbye to the fantasy and hello to our new friendship.

I still enjoy living my fantasies, but I just do it with different Companions. An unexpected bonus of our friendship? When we meet up now, I can talk to my friend about this part of my life without fear of judgement.

Like I said, I’ve made a great life for myself. We did go to the reunion. As friends.

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