Be Careful What You Wish For

Posted on 2020.11.02

I am attracted to people. When you are attracted to people it makes being a Companion… twice as fun. I gotta admit it. It is definitely a perk of the job.

Especially since it doesn’t happen as often as you’d think. Usually if I’m requested to be a Companion to a couple it would be for one of two reasons: either she is curious or she is indulging in his fantasy. There was this one time where the booking was to indulge in his fantasy and I don’t think it went the way he expected it to.

It was my first time seeing them together but not my first time seeing him. The topic had come up on one of our previous dates that he was single, but when he got into a relationship, he would hopefully book a date with me. I told him whenever he was ready, I would be ready too.

I wasn’t ready.

The night of, I met him in the hotel lobby for a drink. He explained that his girlfriend – let’s call her Jane – was still in their room getting ready. Mentally. She was still nervous about going on a date with me and wanted to take a few moments alone to collect her thoughts. While we sipped cocktails and caught up with each other, I secretly suspected that he would either continue the date without her or they would cancel altogether. I was totally okay with either option as my time had already been compensated for, and on his own, he was a fun client. In talking with him I realized that he had convinced Jane to join us on this date and that the request had not been initiated by her, so I understood her hesitation.

He was halfway through telling a funny story about a mishap at work when he stopped and said, “here she is!” I got up from my chair and turned to greet–

One of the most stunning women I had ever met. Jane was not plain. Jane was luminous.

I have to be honest, I had kind of gotten used to being the woman that turns heads when she entered a room. But Jane? Jane didn’t turn heads; whole bodies pivoted to get a better look. Including mine. I turned and reached to shake her hand, but she leaned in with a chuckle and said, “I’m European! We kiss hello!”. When her lips grazed my cheek, I felt a tingle and found myself inhaling the delicious scent still fresh on her neck. Our date pulled out a chair for Jane, and we sat down to discuss what we wanted to do that night.

As always with this particular client dancing was on the agenda. He loved to dance and didn’t get much opportunity to do it and that was one of the reasons he loved to spend time with me. Looking over at Jane, I realized that she had been fairly quiet and I wanted to confirm that she was up for a little dancing to start our night together. Her face lit up at the question and I really felt like the smile was just for me.

Our date got up to settle our tab and Jane took that moment to compliment my outfit, which led to us comparing shopping notes and laughing like old friends. At one point, she bit her lower lip while she tried to remember the name of a store and I lost the ability to concentrate. See Jane smile. See me go weak in the knees even though I was already sitting down. When our date came back to get us, I gave myself a mental shake and reminded myself that there was one other person with Jane and I.

When we arrived at the club, there was a long line to get in. Because I don’t go to clubs often, I don’t really know the tricks to getting in. But our date did. He walked up with Jane and I and asked how long the wait would be. I knew that was my cue and so did Jane and in almost perfect unison, we smiled our sweetest smiles and were escorted in. Once we were inside, our date spotted friends at a table who invited us to join. I wasn’t sure if this was something he wanted to do, but quickly realized that it gave him the perfect opportunity to show off, so we joined them. I was introduced to the group as a friend of Jane’s and everyone got down to enjoying themselves.

Because he had other people there, it was easy to spend most of my time talking to Jane.

Since we were introduced as friends, it made it easier to talk and it allowed me to make her feel comfortable with the idea of the three of us spending time together. As the crowd got bigger, our space got smaller, with me squished between Jane and the armrest. I was close enough to pick up the smell of her perfume and found myself feeling that buzz. She was actually making me nervous.

I excused myself and headed to the bar to get a drink. While waiting for my cocktail, I felt Jane come up behind me and ask, “what are we having?” and I replied that I was getting a negroni. She smiled that smile and motioned to the bartender to make another. Still smiling, she turned back to me to say that she had never had one before. When our drinks arrived, she insisted on paying and raised her glass in a toast.

“Here’s to trying new things…”

We finished our drinks and made our way to the dance floor. Dancing with Jane confirmed that even though she hadn’t been the one to ask for this date, she was definitely going to enjoy it more than our date did. Every time I thought this would be the best part of the night, Jane did something else to make it even better. Eventually, I gave up on trying to divide my attention and I could see that our date was thoroughly enjoying seeing this side of Jane. Secretly, I was beginning to doubt Jane’s claim that this was her first time on a date like this. When we had a moment alone, I asked.

“I’ve thought about it, but never been able to act on it? I guess it’s something you’ve been able to bring out in me.”

I wondered if it would be something that stayed out and as if she read my mind, she continued, “…and now that it has come out, I’m liking it. How about you?” My smile was her answer.

When it was time for me to go, I started to feel a little guilty about basically ignoring our date, but he seemed oblivious to what had actually happened.

I’m not sure he knows that Jane has continued to spend time with me and I never bring it up on our dates. Every once in a while, I’ll catch a whiff of her fragrance on his coat and feel the familiar tingle that reminds me that sometimes, there really are three sides to a story.

Photo by Unsplash

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