Posted on 2020.10.19

What made me want to become a Companion? I get this question a lot. I don’t think that’s the right question. I think everyone is capable of becoming a Companion, it’s more a question of whether or not you can continue being a Companion. There is a certain level of discipline and focus that is required.

You need to be prepared to be more open minded than you expected to be, and to be more accepting of the things that make each of us unique. When I first decided to become a Companion it was after I found out a friend of mine in school started to take on clients as a way of having money with a flexible work schedule. Here I was trying to pay tuition and rent by folding sweaters on a clipboard and cramming for exams after the mall closed, and she seemed to have it all figured out.

But, there was a huge difference in the work and it wasn’t just the money. No one cared if I had exams or if I had ramen three times that week for dinner. I had “managers” barely older than me telling me that my commitment to the job wasn’t to company standards and that I needed to display more team spirit. For a sweater? For barely above minimum wage? Are you kidding?

My friend told me whenever I was ready, to let her know and she’d help me get started. I thought about it for weeks with me finally making up my mind on Boxing Day. I started work that morning at 5 am and by the time the doors opened I was already over it. The first customer through the door sealed my fate. They tried to return torn and bloody clothing (don’t ask) and demanded a refund. When I refused, they threw the clothes in my face and told me to do my damn job. That was it. I took off the badge and the walkie talkie, punched out, grabbed my stuff and left. On my way out, I texted my friend and told her I wanted in.

She arranged for an interview and once I passed that, I joined my first agency. I didn’t last long at that first place. Some days it actually felt like I was back selling sweaters, and I knew that there was better for me. I didn’t want to just be someone’s diversion; I wanted something more.

To become a Cupid was something different though. It was on a whole other level. My friend had transitioned to Cupid’s six months earlier and again, she played the role of my fairy godmother. She arranged an introduction and I got my first interview. Right away, I knew that the something more I had been looking for would be found here – and I bet you lovely gentlemen thought that something more was only felt by you! Au contraire, when you learn what life is like for a Cupid, you understand why there is usually a waiting list. Lucky for me, I had a referral and was able to be seen sooner. Once I made it in, I decided to give myself a complete makeover.

I changed my hair colour, tweaked my wardrobe, and booked myself for head to toe treatments at the spa. By the time I made my debut as a Cupid, I felt different and in a good way. No, a great way.

There is something profound about being treated with respect. Before Cupid’s I was treated as someone lesser; just there to be in service of others and to take whatever I was given, because I had no other choice. To become a Cupid and to become a Companion meant that the choices were all mine and more importantly, Clients respected that fact. The Client always knew that they may have requested to spend time with me, but I chose to be with them and the feeling from knowing that is priceless. My time and my effort are valued by the Clients I choose to see and they make no secret about showing their appreciation. We mutually get to enjoy the time we spend with each other and every date provides me with new and wonderful delights. Knowing that if I treat myself better, I will feel better and in turn, treat others better has become this wonderful cycle of care and provides a constant feeling of peace.

Last week, I went shopping in a mall for the first time in years and passed the store I used to work in. Even though that look was no longer my style, I went to see if there was something I could buy for old time’s sake. A young woman came up and used the same spiel to help me with my purchase and instead of shooing her away, I let her help me. We talked about clothes, music, food, school, life stuff and while we talked, I actually picked up more items. I could see her coworkers eyes grow wide with envy as they mentally tallied the commission she was about to earn from this sale. When it was done and I pulled out my money to pay, I mentioned how I used to work in this store.

She laughed, looking at me and not seeing how that was ever possible. Then she asked, “how did you get out?” and I told her that one day, I just walked out in search of something more.

“Did you find it?”

I smiled and held out my hand for a handshake to slip her a $100 bill (accepting a tip would’ve gotten her fired on the spot). When she caught on, I winked and said, “yes I did. One day you will too.”

I love the person being a Cupid has allowed me to become, and that is the reason I continue to be a Companion.

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