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Posted on 2020.10.06

I would say that first time clients are definitely my specialty. Even if they don’t disclose that at the time of their booking, I can always tell when they’re new to our world. Usually, it’s someone who has not dated in awhile; they’re either recently divorced or separated from a long-term partner.

But, they’re eager to be out again, but feel out of their depth with the changes that have taken place in traditional dating. When it comes to traditional dating there have been so many changes and the “rules” are so different from what they were even a few years ago. It’s enough to really throw a man off his game and make him second guess himself. So he thinks that it’s easier to book a date with a Companion, and that’s where I come in.

Because the reality is, there is no difference. Nothing is guaranteed, except respect. I respect that they have their insecurities and challenges and work with them on it. I love helping men find or rediscover what makes them special and unique. I find out the little things that excite them and help them develop a passion for it. With a first timer, I like to take my time getting to know them. One date with me gives them an idea of what is possible and after a few dates, they realize that they are either ready to search for a more traditional woman, or that they love the arrangement we have developed.

When a first timer has a great experience, they carry themselves differently. Because they don’t have to worry about developing a relationship with an end goal, they can relax and really lean in to just being themselves. The insecurities become less of a roadblock and more of a conversation starter, and even though my mother always said it’s rude to brag, I’m really good at turning those roadblocks into building blocks. I can usually get my date to admit it’s his first time within the first 20 minutes of our date, which is when I tell them to brush that nervousness aside and just be themselves. You see the jaw unclench, the shoulders relax, and the man they want to be begins to emerge.

Then comes my favourite part: even the rules and techniques have changed, a gentleman never goes out of style. I get to educate them on how every lady should be treated. Chivalry goes beyond opening doors and pulling out chairs. It’s about how to engage a woman in conversation, learning how to build a rapport, finding out what interests them and what makes them tick.

It’s one of the many reasons I love being a Companion, and knowing that the lessons I give will go on to enhance the lives of other women gives me a special thrill.

When my dates realize that they can do all of this and that our time together gives them a chance to really and explore and develop themselves, I also benefit from it. If I see you enough times, I’ll realize that the student has become the teacher and I can just sit back and enjoy the moment.

I love it when a first time Client returns the favour and introduces me to a new experience.

With their newfound boldness they take me along to experience all their firsts. Once, there was a client who after a few dates with me admitted that he had always wanted to experience what it would be like to be “the man”; that alpha male who has more than one woman by his side for the evening. Even though he was still fairly new to our world, I encouraged him to book his next date as a duo with one special challenge: I would NOT be one of the Companions. You may think that this one tweak would dampen his desire but it does the exact opposite. Go big: shoot for the moon and if you fall, you land back with me. I made my recommendation and at first he tried to convince me that I needed to be there to help him with his confidence, and I was able to convince him otherwise. You see, if he enjoyed this new experience, it was a win for both of us. If I were to be a part of it and he found that he didn’t like it, I would be associated with a negative experience and for someone so new, I didn’t want to risk that happening with us.

I know that he has his next date booked as a duo and I’m excited for him; kind of like a teacher being excited for a graduating student. Do I worry that if he has fun with another Companion I’ll never see him again? Not really. Each Cupid brings something different and our variety is what makes us the best at what we do. Also, there are many Clients who develop traditional relationships with women and don’t book for months, even years. How does one even think of setting themselves up as competition against another woman? There’s no fun in that.

I’ve had many Clients come back. Some because they have realized their preferences, others who have had a setback and feel like they need a reset, and then there are the ones who were feeling nostalgic, and wanted to recapture that first time feeling while trying something new with me, and I’m always up to try something new…

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