Bucket List

Posted on 2022.12.17

I think a night with a Companion is on everyone’s bucket list. The amount of times I hear this on date has convinced me that everyone wants to be with us, even if it’s just once. Imagine my delight when a new Client booked me for a duo with one of my faves.

Plot twist? It wasn’t a Gentleman.

Our lovely Lady had booked us for a bit of a girl’s night, with her husband sort of acting as the fifth wheel – even though there would only be the four of us. This couple had been together since high school and after doing all the things you’re supposed to do – get married, have kids, buy a house, buy a cottage et cetera et cetera – the wife realized that there were so many other things she wanted to do. With the kids all grown and time on her hands, she discovered the wonders of the internet, and what she found had piqued her curiosity.

Also, she had learned her husband had enjoyed the company of a Companion or two before and initially, she had felt betrayed. But after she discovered what more SHE could have in life, she started to make a bucket list for herself.

The first item on the list was time with a Companion. Or two. Just to even things out in their marriage of course.

Being married so young meant that she had missed out on all the fun and wild nights we all have in our 20s. She didn’t want to try and recapture her youth, but she did want to experience the fun with Companions like us, who were still young enough to remind her of those days, but experienced enough to guide her through it. As she talked about her bucket list and all the things she wanted to try, I would look over at her husband to gauge his reaction. Was he down for this? Was he interested? Because her list didn’t really involve him as much as it involved, well, just us.

Right then, my duo partner asked what I was thinking, and this is why she is one of my faves. The husband smiled and said, “whatever she wants tonight, she can have. I’m here to enjoy the show.”

So that was it. He was just going to observe (and pay for it all). It was kind of a win for him if you think about it, because anyone watching just assumed that this guy was out on the town with three beautiful women.

Seeing our Lady’s eyes light up when she realized we understood exactly how to achieve what was on her list, she came out of her shell a bit. First, she ordered her husband to order a bottle of champagne to celebrate and he happily obliged. Then she started to assign each one of us items on her list to do with her. Once we had finished dinner, we set out to enjoy a night on the town for just us ladies.

(With her husband trailing a few feet behind of course.)

This is something that I think is important to share: we all deserve to feel desired in the way that makes us feel best. If you suppress what you’re feeling, you won’t be able to fully enjoy life.

It’s one of the reasons I am a Cupid: this life gives me the freedom to explore all my feelings, the things I desire, and gives me the opportunity to help others discover and explore.

Watching her that night go from nervous to confident to full of joy made the night even more special. She would look so cute when she pulled up the bucket list saved on her phone to ask if this was something we could do together and when one of us said yes, it was like giving her permission to fully let loose. As for her husband? She may have been calling the shots, but he was enjoying it just as much as she was (and a part of me feels a little bit more). He loved being the outsider; watching from the sidelines while we had all the fun. Every so often, we’d involve him in an item on the list, and he played his part perfectly.

I can’t even tell you how many items we crossed off her bucket list on that first date. But I promise to try and update you.

Yes. A bucket list date is a regular thing for this couple now, and I’m there each time to help them cross an item off her list. I think everyone should try to cross a few items off, don’t you?


Photo by Unsplash

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