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Posted on 2021.02.08

I know that we have policies and procedures around booking at a hotel for an overnight date that addresses all your logistics questions and needs. What I want to talk about is how you can elevate your experience before we even knock on the door.

I’m going to sound like your mom when I say this, but clean your room. If you have been staying at the hotel prior to my arrival, it would be lovely to come in and not see clothes on the floor, dirty plates from room service, or coming into a room that smells. Oh, that last one! It just spoils the mood. If you’re travelling, I always recommend that you travel with a candle and light it up a few times during your stay, and I promise you it will make all the difference on our date and improve your stay in general. If you’re worried about burning down a room by accident, get a room spray. When scenting a room you don’t have to make it smell like flowers or vanilla to appeal to the woman in me. Sage, musk, or bergamot are all wonderful fragrances that will delight the senses and set the mood. Fluff the pillows on the couch, make the bed, and even hanging up your coat in the closet make a room that much more inviting.

I notice that Clients who aren’t that experienced with hotel life will ask me if I found the room successfully. Darling, this is why we ask for that information when you book. We don’t walk up to the front desk and ask, “can you please tell me if Mr. Big is staying in Room 1412?”, we just head straight to the elevator and up to the right floor. As a Companion, discretion is something we value and practice in our lives, and it doesn’t benefit us in any way to announce our arrival. After all, we’re here for you, not an audience.

When we arrive at your door remember, being a gentleman never goes out of fashion.

I’m disappointed whenever a man opens the door and doesn’t greet me. Not sure what I mean by that? I mean there is a huge difference between opening the door and walking back to whatever you were doing when I arrived, and opening the door to let me in, taking my coat, and showing me where I can get comfortable. That’s a greeting and it helps set the tone for our date. If you were the type of man to do the former and not the latter, I suggest you try greeting a lady the next time you invite one over. You’ll see the difference.

Speaking of tone, let me ask you this: what kind of vibe do you want to set? You’ve cleaned up the room, it smells nice, I know where it is, and you’ve welcomed me at the door. Might I suggest a little mood music? Again, like greeting me at the door, music tells me so much about you. Don’t have music on and you’re watching some random movie (with the volume way up) while you waited for me to “show up”? I feel like I’m an interruption and it’s kind of disappointing. Now. Try it with having the movie on mute, and playing a playlist that lets me know how you hope our date will go. Upbeat dance tracks let me know you have hopes for a fun and energetic date and chill out vibes will let me know that you have hopes for something relaxed and romantic. I will admit that there was one time I couldn’t tell what the vibe was from the music, but I think that’s because death metal really isn’t my thing.

How you treat the room tells me more than you realize. Garbage tossed in the sink or on the floor tells me you think that the cleaning staff are only good for cleaning up your filth and while it is their job to clean and sanitize, it’s only respectful that you don’t trash the place with the belief that they are only there to provide service. Also, I will silently judge you if you don’t leave a tip for the cleaning staff.

When it’s time for us to leave, we will be going our separate ways and guess what? There is a gentlemanly way to do this. A lady always leaves first. Our time together was lovely and we now must both return to the real world. Hand us our coat, make sure that our ride has arrived, and that we leave the premises safely.

A gentlemanly goodbye only makes me want to see you again, and I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay.

Photo by Unsplash

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