Mr. Right

Posted on 2022.02.23

They always told me that meeting a “Mr. Right” was virtually impossible. I had been a Companion for about a year and even before I decided to be one I was told, “don’t expect a Mr. Right”. That finding one was like finding a unicorn. But I figured, since I’m what’s known as a unicorn (heh), Mr. Right wouldn’t be hard to find.

A Mr. Right is not a boyfriend and he’s not a dad (if you know what I mean). He’s the perfect Gentleman with a very full life of his own, who understands the value of your company, but doesn’t ask for too much of it. A Mr. Right doesn’t live in your city, but travels there often and when he does, you get to experience the weekend of your dreams.

My Mr. Right didn’t even know that he was trying to be one when he met me. Our first date was booked rather last minute. On a whim I decided to add myself to the schedule and he was in town and plans that had been canceled at the last minute. I got the call and was surprised that he wanted to spend extended time with me. Normally a Gentleman spends a few dates with you before he commits. I was told that this was his first time with us and that he decided to treat himself.

When I was escorted to his table, I was surprised. He looked the way you would expect a professor to. He had a slight build and a complexion that made me think he spent a lot of time indoors; very different from the Gentlemen I had been seeing lately who all looked like they lived for crossfit. He stood up as I approached (check one off in the “win” column right away), and greeted me with an air kiss. The smell of his aftershave even reminded me of a library, but in a good way.

“It’s very nice to meet you, Elle. I’ve been looking forward to this all day.”

When he said that, I realized that I had been looking forward to this date all day too. I had the afternoon to myself and spent extra time getting ready. I could see that he noticed and him noticing made the extra effort worth it.

Over dinner, he explained that his client had backed out of their evening plans due to a family emergency, which left him alone in the city on the last night of his trip with dinner reservations, tickets to a concert (I had never heard of the act, but I was willing to give it a listen), and after show drinks. He could’ve stayed in his room or he could enjoy himself. When he decided to enjoy himself he looked up his options and found us, where he found me. He was grateful that he was able to pass the screening and book me for the exact night. When we compared the timing, we realized that I had only been added to the schedule an hour before.

“So it was meant to be.”

He wasn’t (and isn’t) a big talker or loud person, so when he speaks, you know he means it.

He chooses carefully and deliberately; it’s what makes him so good at his work. He said at home, he always flirted with the idea of having a Companion, but always worried that he would be spotted by someone he didn’t want to be spotted by. We discussed the pros and cons of having a standing date once a month and what that would look like for both of us. As the evening progressed, I began to see more and more pros and secretly thought to myself that he could possibly be…the Right One. He was funny, incredibly smart, and a little self conscious (which made him cute!). There was something about him that had me thinking that unicorns could be real. But I wasn’t sure if he felt the same.

I let my thoughts wander during the show (I couldn’t get into that band; they were way before my time) and as their encore was finishing, I felt a little twinge of disappointment because I knew our time was coming to an end as well.

As the car approached, he handed me a second envelope with my name on it and gave me a lingering kiss on the cheek goodnight. As the car pulled away, I turned my attention to the envelope and was surprised to see a note inside for me.

“Dear Elle, I’m writing this before I even meet you, in hopes that this evening goes the way I anticipate it to be. I will have told you about my desire to have someone waiting for me when I return to the city, and if I’ve given you this card, it means that I hope that it would be you. I will not ask for more than the pleasure of your company on the days that I’m here and I hope you will find enjoyment in spending time with me. I will call Cupid’s to make the appropriate arrangements and look forward to seeing you next month”

I look at that note every month when I get the call that he’s in town and I enjoy every minute of each visit. Unicorns are real. At least for other unicorns.

Photo by Unsplash

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