Posted on 2022.04.30

I was asked what’s the one thing a Gentleman should never do on a date and I said “live tweet it”. I love Twitter, and Instagram, and I still even have a Facebook account for my friends and family back home, but when we are out on date?

Maybe I’m an old fashioned twentysomething, but there have been a few dates where the Gentleman feels like he has to document it rather than experience it. I’ve been looking forward to our date and you’re going to spend it looking at your phone? Honey. If you’re going to do that, get a girlfriend.

I want to give you my full attention.

Phones down. Please.

I love when clients follow me on social media, but I rarely follow them back, because I like a little mystery in my men. But when you follow me, you definitely get to learn a bit more about me beyond my bio. You can learn about my worldviews, my preferences, how I like to be spoiled (I always show off the gifts Gentlemen give me), watch me get ready for a date, and even learn if we have things in common; which will help you when you’re deciding on who to book for a date. As a Companion, I don’t need to form an opinion beforehand and really don’t want to, I want to learn about you when we meet. The discovery is half the fun of any date.

If you follow me on Twitter, I may not respond or answer your DMs because I’m saving that interaction for when we are together.

I remembered when I first joined Twitter in high school and ironically, it reminded me of being in high school with everyone talking about everything at the same time. So if you try to tweet at me for some one on one attention, it’s kind of like shouting across the cafeteria at me: it’s not the best way to get my attention. DMs don’t work either.

Now that we’re together and we’re out on our date, I will pull out my phone a few times: to snap a pic of the flowers you gave me, or the decor at our date, or if the lighting is really great, I’m definitely taking a selfie in the bathroom.

What I mean about being on the phone is when a Gentleman is constantly messaging and replying on Twitter with a play-by play of our date and before you ask: no pictures! The key to being a Gentleman is discretion. So important.

I had this happen on a date once and it’s what totally turned me off of the experience and it’s for the reason you might be thinking. When I explained it to a friend he said that I was upset that this man wasn’t giving me his full attention. That was not it. It was that I couldn’t give him MY full attention, because that’s what I love to do. We were at dinner and he mentioned that my plate looked very appetizing. I put a piece on his plate and he asked me to move it so that he could take a pic of his meal first. I allowed him to take a pic of my hand to post with the caption “date night”, which was cute. But then all of his friends started replying and he kept responding. At the end of our time together he said that he wished he had booked more time because he didn’t feel that we had enough. I thought to myself we would’ve had more time if he hadn’t… but you know what? I hope he’s learning that experience outweighs likes every time and that our type of engagements leave a longer lasting impression.

I know a Gentleman who has NO social media. Never has. Never will. At first I thought this was cool, but I also realized that there was a disconnect between us. He didn’t always understand my jokes or references, and I low key felt uncomfortable when he would give me what felt like a judgy look whenever I referenced something. So I know I don’t want to spend time with someone who is always off either. I want a happy medium for my social media. I do want you to like my posts, retweet, and comment – it tells me what you’re interested in and I can bring that to our IRL experience. But when we are together, take the time to enjoy and immerse yourself with me.

It’ll give you something to tweet about after.

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