Phallic Architecture

Posted on 2013.11.15

Is Toronto home to the World’s largest phallic symbol? It’s an astounding tourist attraction standing at 553.33 m (1,815 ft 5 in) tall and first open to the public on June 26th 1976, the CN Tower remained the World’s tallest freestanding structure for over 30 years and is still the tallest in the Western hemisphere. The shaft of the tower is “Y” shaped and smooth up until about 1,100 ft. where the LookOut level begins then up to the Skypod and the broadcast antenna tops the building off like a glans.

Phallic architecture can be observed throughout history, with monuments in ancient Babylon, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Many of the structures were built for worshiping phallic gods like Osirus, Shiva, and Priapus. Many obelisks can be traced back to ancient Egypt where they were erected near pyramids and temples. Under the Roman Empire these obelisks got more abundant, some being brought from Egypt to Rome. There is a famous obelisk called Vaticano that remains standing in the center of Saint Peter’s Square in Vatican City since Ancient Roman times. The Washington Monument at 555 feet 5 1⁄8 inches was the tallest phallic monument in the World when it was built until the Eiffel Tower in France was completed. Also there are many cenotaphs, tombstones, Maypoles, lighthouses, and watchtowers that resemble penises.

Currently the Burj Khalifa in Dubai holds the record of the World’s tallest building at 2,772 ft but it was constructed with various cross sections resembling a deformed phallus. The tallest tower in the World is the Tokyo Syktree at 2,080 ft and it looks like the CN Tower with thicker girth.

After all this talk about male genitalia we’ve got to remember that builders haven’t forgotten about women. With various entrances, doorways, tunnels, stadiums, and domes representing vaginas and breasts. Recently the blogs Fast Code Design and Gizmodo wrote about architecture inspired by the female body, both highlighting the planned World Cup 2022 stadium in Qatar that’s being designed to resemble a gaping vagina, although the designer disagrees. When the Skydome (now called Rogers Centre) was built beside the CN Tower it had some thinking the world’s tallest phallic symbol is next to the world’s biggest womb.

There is another possibility if you see the CN Tower from above, via plane or helicopter, you might notice the circular Rogers Centre and the Steam Whistle Roundhouse located beside each other like two testicles at the south base of the tower, one even hangs a little lower (view featured image). However, when proportions are taken into account this can make the tower seem a bit less impressive considering averages. With the average male testicle being 2” long, the average flaccid penis being 3.5” and 5.1-5.9” erect, and the diameter of the Rogers Centre being 700’ ft making the 1815’ ft CN Tower either an average-size flaccid member or a less-than-average erection with some really big balls.
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