Sexy Ideas For Halloween

Posted on 2013.10.01

There’s always so much to do around Halloween time and a sexy costume is a great way of indicating you want to do it. Ads are running everywhere for Party City, Value Village, American Apparel costume sections. There are posters in downtown Toronto boasting of 1000’s of hot costume styles available at, an excellent example is the Burlesque Bunny Bustier which comes with removable shoulder straps because the festive trend is less garments more skin.

You could go with the sexy with an On the Fringe costume that comes with fringe dress, sequin/feather headpiece and cigarette holder or a Ruby Red Hot that also comes with removable garter straps, for some Great Gatsby or Boardwalk Empire hotness. Couples can find a dapper suit for a dashing gentleman.

Katy Perry tweeted her recommendation for a costume with replica attire from the hit music video ‘Roar’ available for pre-order and shipping October 22nd 2013. Then your partner could go as a classic Tarzan, or get wild by going as a jungle animal. For ladies a spandex animal print jumpsuit like this Fierce Feline could be party purr-fect.

Keeping up with a great meme of the summer guys might want to go with the Beetle-Thicke or Robin-Juice costume hybrid of Robin Thicke and Beetlejuice. That way your date could choose to twerk with you as either Miley Cyrus or as Beetlejuice’s red-dressed bride Lydia.

Party City’s online store features an entire section on Sexy Costumes like the Carousel Leopard Costume or some memorable hot movie characters like Catwoman or Princess Leia or Pink Ranger or Flashdance. BFF’s might want to get matching costumes like some hot Mario and Luigi women’s wear. If you’re cis-gendered and feeling daring then this is a convenient time to try dressing as the opposite sex. There are literally so many choices it’s really up to you.

Once you’ve got your costume the fun is just about to begin with parties happening all over the city. Nightclubs are great for dancing. Haunted houses if you want a scare. If you’re into hot Super-Hero cosplay the comic-book store Silver Snail is hosting a Halloween Party on the 26th (check out the gallery from last year) or if you’re feeling a bit more fearless subspace is hosting a Silent Hill Fetish Ball at the Opera House also on October the 26th 2013 (here’s a gallery from last year as well).

Whatever your event is you can always spice it up by modifying Halloween party games for added thrills. For instance with a big enough tub or pool you could do ‘Bobbing-for-Apples’ except with hard cocks or perky boobs submerged instead of apples, just remember no biting. If you can imagine any other sexy Halloween games please feel free to comment below.

So get tricky and treat yourself to a great time. Of course if you’re not in the mood to go out or dress up then you could stay in with an escort and dress her yourself. There’s so much to do this time of year, so do it.

Picture Sources: Ruby red hot, Burlesque Bunny Bustier, On the fringe, Fierce Feline,Mario

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