Snow Globes and Wishes

Posted on 2018.10.22

Spending your time with me doesn’t always have to be a night on the town.

I know that’s a lot to ask for sometimes, and no Companion I know don’t expects that every time we’re with you. Sometimes we just want to stay in and chill too!

One of my favourite nights with a Client in happened during a snowstorm. It took me a little bit longer to get there but when I arrived, I was greeted at the door with a warm hug and offered a drink to warm me up. The living room was warm and toasty and he had basically set up a gigantic pillow fort in the middle. Once I was settled in, I actually felt like I was staying at a cabin somewhere up north even though we were in a condo downtown.

He didn’t tell us when he had booked, but it was actually his birthday! Ironic, because usually those are the occasions where you might expect a night out. Instead, he had spent the day at work, then had an early dinner with some friends and family.

Now it was time for the present he had given himself – the best kind of present if I do say so myself! His work involved a lot of socializing, and the idea of spending another birthday with sparklers and bottle service just didn’t appeal to him. Instead of having another night with the volume turned up to 11, he decided to treat himself something he normally didn’t get to enjoy: an entire evening to just stay in and chill.

He was so used to having everything provided to him, that he really enjoyed being in the position to provide service to me, and I won’t lie, I enjoyed it just as much as he did!

Having the roles reversed like this, I began to feel what it was like to be him. He had thought of everything! He even gave me these fuzzy socks to keep my feet warm! I curl up with delight just thinking about it. Oh, one of my favourite things about this date was that I was asked to bring PJs! Yes, I put something special on, but I was still on a date with my PJs. How many Companions get to say that happened to them?

We got comfy with the pillows and the blankets and started to talk. This is when he casually mentioned that he was celebrating, which prompted me to ask what the occasion was, which is how I found out it was his birthday. Right away I jumped up and headed straight to the kitchen in search of a birthday candle and there were none!  

In my family, it’s bad luck to not blow out a candle on your birthday. I started worrying that his year would start out wrong, and he started laughing when I explained why I was so insistent on finding a birthday candle. But I was serious! He explained that he had already gotten his wish, because we were together, but I convinced him to blow out one of those little votive candles and wish for one more thing.

So he did.

The snow kept coming as the hours went by. But it didn’t matter because we were having too much fun in our little snow globe date. When it was time for me to leave, I didn’t even bother to change out of my PJs. He walked me out to the car and we said our goodbyes. When I got home, I went straight to sleep in the same PJs.

When I woke up, I got a message that he booked to see me that weekend. He had also left me a message.

“Second wish granted.”


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