The Girlfriend Experience

Posted on 2018.10.09

I’ve missed you.

It’s been weeks since we’ve been together. I’ve spent the whole day looking forward to our time together. These dates are my favourite. When the sun comes up and I open my eyes, you’ll be the first person I see.

But I don’t want to rush ahead to tomorrow. Tonight, we have too many hours to enjoy each other’s company. It makes me feel special when you’ve booked me for an entire night, knowing that your schedule usually doesn’t always give you that much time, and I intend to make the most of it. When I got the call from Bridgitte that you had requested me for the evening, I felt a tingle go up my spine. Every girl has good dates, bad dates, and great dates…your dates are more than good. They’re…special.

You always put in effort and know how to make me feel special. I take a moment to remember what I wore the last time we were together. Do I wear red heels or black? Earrings? Should I wear the necklace you gave me? Low cut or backless?
So many choices! I look at the time and realize I should hurry. I don’t want to be late and I don’t want to waste a single minute…

Let’s begin.

I arrive just after you and we enter the hush of the restaurant, escaping the noise outside. With our history, we have all the benefits of a relationship without any of the drama or confusion. It just feels so, easy. From the first time we met we just, clicked and I knew you felt the same way. Here we are in our favourite restaurant, just smiling and talking like we’ve known each other forever, even though it’s been less than a year.

What I adore most about our encounters is that when we’re together, you can just relax and be you. No demands, no stress, no worries. We start to catch up on our respective days, and you tell me about what’s been happening since I saw you last. As you talk I start to feel a little embarrassed. Do I admit that my day was spent getting ready for you? Do I make up a story? What would I say? I start to smile to myself and you catch it. You stop talking and smile back at me.

The waiter comes over and you order our drinks. You ask if I’m hungry and I realize that I’m actually kind of famished, but my moment of nervousness got in the way of my appetite. You continue telling the story before we were interrupted, and finish it just as our drinks arrive. While you order our meals, I try to see if I can tell how you’re feeling, but I can’t. Which is so funny because I can usually tell these things with others. But all I can tell is that you’re in a very good mood. The waiter leaves again and you ask me about my day. I decide to tell you the truth: my day was spent looking forward to right now. With all the different types of “girlfriends” there are in the world, just know that right now, until we part, I am yours.

You smile again. I smile back.

Dinner is served and I tease you about ordering the same thing you had the last time we were here. You are such a creature of habit and I wonder if that’s why you always request me. You laugh at my comment and you promise me that new discoveries will happen later.

Well now I’m curious (and a little bit excited).

What do I get to discover about you? Knowing that our time tonight won’t be rushed excites me, because there is so much I want to learn about you. So many things I want to know, so many questions I want to ask. What could you surprise me with next?

Can we leave?

We’ve reached dessert and even though all these people have been here all this time, the restaurant suddenly feels a bit more crowded. Call me selfish, but I really just want to be alone with you. But you’re going to make me wait aren’t you? There’s still a question of that surprise for me. The waiter brings it over and, I can’t believe it.

You really went all out tonight, didn’t you? I feeling a bit spoiled and I love that feeling!

Finally. Alone with you. Come closer please. You’re ready to answer some of my questions now. You spend the rest of the night telling me things you haven’t told anyone else. I want to tell you how much I treasure being the keeper of your secrets. We spend the night curled up together watching a movie, but not really paying attention to it. All I see is you.

Good morning…

I don’t open my eyes right away. I stretch and slowly exhale. Last night was all that I hoped for it to be and I think you feel the same way. I finally open my eyes and, you’re gone? I can’t believe it’s over so soon. I really thought we had more time. I hear a noise from the other room and realize that you’re still here. I get up just in time to see you off. You tell me to stay and take my time. You give me one more smile and head back into the world we left behind last night…the world where we are other people. But for now, as we say our goodbyes, I am still yours.


Photo by: Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

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